Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Faulty Faculty


The faculty of GLEE’s McKinley High: Between the pot-dealing gym teacher, the music teacher who has a tendency to sport a clarinet in his pocket at very inappropriate times, and the power-mad egomaniacal ‘Cheerios’ Coach Sue Sylvester, McKinley High’s faculty — while certainly admiral with regards to their level of dedication — loses serious points for being so for all the wrong reasons.

Any Teacher on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: Seriously, they’re called ‘special victims’ for a reason, and if Benson and Stabler come a knocking on your classroom door, it’s probably not to hand out a citation for ‘Teacher of the Year.’

THE SIMPSON’s Ms. Krabappel: And speaking of ‘Teacher of the Year,’ we’re fairly certain that smoking, boozing, and failing to graduate Bart Simpson after twenty plus years of teaching automatically disqualifies you for said honor. D’oh!

HUNG’s Ray Drecker: Teacher by day, male prostitute by night. Probably evidence that America’s educators aren’t getting paid enough. Wouldn’t you say?

CAPRICA’s Sister Clarice Willow: Don’t be fooled by the nun outfit — Sister Willow’s not-so-sisterly habit of sharing her monotheistic religious views with her young and impressionable students have a tendency to result in fanatical devotion and suicide bombings.

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  • We don’t get paid enough, Daniel. Not nearly enough.

  • Tim

    LOL. that was funny. Love the “Glee” characters and Mrs. K from Simpsons.

  • Ace

    Do you remember the show Boston Public? I think that staff could trump all of the ones listed above.

  • kevin

    the teachers from “sit down and shut up” were hilarious. i don’t think the show got picked up for a second season though…

  • Silly

    I really dont understand the hype about glee – it looks like a High School Musical show for slighty brighter viewers