Win DOLLHOUSE Season One on Blu-ray

This TV Addict is not gonna lie. Based entirely on the jaw-dropping awesomeness that was DOLLHOUSE’s unaired-and-only-available-on-DVD thirteenth episode “Epitaph One,” there was a tiny selfish part of me that wanted so desperately to keep this baby for myself.

But with today’s news (courtesy of @moryan) that the must-see-it-to-believe-it-game-changer-of-an-episode is now available as a standalone download on iTunes, the need to hoard Joss Whedon’s Eliza Dushku vehicle for myself has almost all but dissipated. Even though we have a feeling Dushku and the rest of the ‘dolls’ in glorious 1080p ain’t too shabby.

To enter to win, simply leave a family-friendly comment letting us know which ‘Active’ you would hire and why (FYI: While this question practically begs for a deluge of wickedly inappropriate comments, any and all comments deemed inappropriate will be automatically disqualified.) One winner will be chosen at random and notified via email on August 19, so please be sure to enter using a valid email address. Not a winner? DOLLHOUSE Season One is now available on Blu-ray on Amazon for only $42.49 ($29.99 on DVD)

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  • I would hire Sierra with the same imprint that Topher requested for his birthday. Having someone to play a best friend that has all the same interests as you – to play video games with and hang out with, would be amazing. It would be a never-ending source of fun.

  • Jennifer

    Alpha-because having 48 personalities has to have some benefits.

  • Darin

    I would probably settle for the domestic goddess that is Millie/November as she could tidy up my place whilst I watch the Dollhouse series & then afterwards a lovingly prepared dinner would be prepared and waiting. The ultimate in house-wife goodness 😉

  • blueberry

    I would have Echo be imprinted with the memories and personality of Faith from Buffy. Then I would tell her that Buffy has been kidnapped by a vampire organization that is against U.S. health care reform, thus motivating her to “stop” those baddies from getting in the way of affordable and universal health care.

    Or she wouldn’t care because she’d have beef with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

  • I would hire Victor to, uh, put up shelves or something physical. I would just like to watch him flex, lol.

  • Ace

    I think I would make Eliza a personal trainer b/c I would love to be trained to kick @ss like her. Have we heard whether November will be on the show at all next year? She was my favorite Active and I was hoping that her being set free wouldn’t mean she would disappear.

  • bws

    I think the most beneficial use is along Ace’s idea. I’d hire Victor to teach me how to be a spy. I could use better spy capability in my daily life. Even though I’m married, I think he’d also be a good wingman. Wouldn’t an active be perfect for that?

  • alpha due to his versatility and “green” thumb… 😉

  • Linda

    Totally boring, but I would hire November with the Mellie personality to be my housekeeper. So 50’s housewife!

  • Definitely Sierra from “Spy in the House of Love”, when she was imprinted as a spy, infiltrating the NSA. She seemed like someone who could keep me on my toes.

  • Glenn

    I would hire echo with the backup singer imprint and have her re-do the episode that almost made me remove the show from my DVR (luckily I didn’t because it got much better!)

  • Brad

    I would want to hire Echo with any imprint, just having Eliza around would do it for me no matter if she is kicking butt or investigating something or investigating kicking my butt 😛

  • Tyler

    Hands down it’d have to be Caroline’s Taffy imprint. Have you seen any of the Ocean’s movies?? WAY too much fun. Being able to have a mastermind like that plan a heist would be awesome. Who hasn’t wanted to be part of a heist?? Not only would you get to be with smokin’ hot Eliza, you’d get stupid rich. Jackpot!

  • Neil

    i never watched Dollhouse ever, always wanted to check it out.

    so with the knowledge i know of the show i guess ill choose echo [?]

    because i love eliza dushku and she was my fave character in Buffy. i loved faith!

  • Michael

    I would hire Echo because she’s Eliza, duh!

  • Harm

    Yeah, I’d have to go with November’s Mellie as well, but only because I think she really needs a hug. We could hang around and watch sappy movies and eat ice cream – it would be totally therapeutic!

  • BJ

    Echo because she never fails. I’d be safest with her when something inevitably goes wrong.

  • Krissy

    I’d hire Alpha and make him be my own personal Wash. 😀

  • Kayla

    I’d probably hire Sierra and have her be a personal shopping assistant! I could definitely use some help when picking out clothes and I think she’d be fun to hang out with while at the mall. 🙂

  • Amy D

    I’d hire Victor.
    I don’t know what I’d do with him but who cares. He’d look pretty doing whatever I put him doing.

  • Dan

    Victor in his Russian imprint, if only because I am amused whenever I remember him saying “Dollhouse, Dollhouse, freakin’ Dollhouse!”

  • ewanspotter

    I’d hire Victor, and just have him speak in various accents all day. (Seriously. He’s awesome at them.)

  • Monica

    Victor as an Italian, accent in all, as a traveling companion in Italy.

  • Hunter

    I’d hire Echo as the survivalist imprint, then take her on a camping trip. But I wouldn’t try to kill her. 🙂

  • Jess

    I’d hire Whiskey and go on a Thelma and Louiseque adventure. That would be fun. Loved when we get to see AA go all bad @ss.

  • I know it’s cliche, but Echo because she’s different than the rest of the dolls.

  • Dana

    I have to steal Krissy’s answer, I want my own personal Wash as well. Just so that I can convince myself nothing bad happened to him in Serenity.

  • CaptainZap

    Which Operative? Echo. Why? Because I just got the call that my High School Reunion is coming up and I haven’t seen most of those folks for 30 years. I think showing up with Echo would drop a few jaws.

  • Hmmm–good question Mellie perhaps because sometimes what I really want is someone else to do all the domestic chores–cooking, cleaning, ironing and she strikes me as suited for that…

  • I’d want Victor with a similar imprint that Adele gets. The “boyfriend experience” I guess you could call it.

    That or Whiskey as a new best friend.

  • I’d hire Echo with her motorcycle crazy fun personality she had in the first ep. Girls day then to the club!

  • Agusti

    Echo, sure…

    Whatevere she does, she does it well, I guess the camper-imprint was one of my favourites…

  • I would hire November because she has those on demand karate skills!

    “There are three flowers in a vase”!!