Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Gayest Straight Characters

Dr. Harold Abbott, EVERWOOD
For heaven’s sake, the guy took showtunes on the ski trip trip he chaperoned, declaring there would be “neither hanky nor panky.”

The Crane Brothers, FRASIER
Frankly, Niles and Frasier were perfect for one another… if not for that whole pesky incest thing.

The first soap character to stick his… er… toe into the waters of bisexuality simply to avoid his nasty schemes being exposed!

Dr. Zachary Smith, LOST IN SPACE
Although the self-absorbed villain occasionally oogled scantily-clad spacegirls, one got the distinct impression the closest he came to the female anatomy was when calling the Robot a “bubble-headed booby!”

I don’t care how rich a guy is — or, for that matter, how many women he sleeps with — a penchant for ascots will always start the rumor mill churning.

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  • Tim

    LOL Those were good. How about Kenneth from “30 Rock?” lol No one was more surprised than me to see him w/ a woman in the finale of season 2 in China. lol Color me confused.

  • Lol, and I thought that only one person will be listed 😛 good pic

  • Ryan Seacrest

  • Mohammad

    Haha Michel from Gilmore Girls is another one. He was a huge Celine Dion fan…although he was always bragging about the women he slept with. Maybe it was just because he was french.

  • Ace

    J.D., Scrubs. Two words: Guy love…

  • Sean

    J.D. – Scrubs