Countdown to Fall: CHUCK


Good News: When we last left Chuck Bartowski he knew Kung Fu! Bad News: There’s a catch. Or as star Zachary Levi put it at NBC’s recent TCA party, “There is a hitch in the ‘giddy-up’ as they say.” Which according to co-creator Josh Schwartz is simply Levi’s way of saying that, “the new intercept was designed for Bryce Larkin super spy. Unfortunately it got into Chuck Bartowski, an emotional guy with a lot of issues. Chuck’s physical powers won’t necessarily last.” In other-words, when Chuck returns in (gulp!) March, don’t expect everything to be awesome in the land of Buy-Moria. Particularly if you’re a fan of Chuck and Sarah whose relationship (or lack-their-of) will be severely tested by the events in last season’s shocking finale. “Chuck has to channel and be able to control [the new Intersect],” teased Schwartz in a recent interview with Mo Ryan. “And who’s the one person that probably plays the most havoc with Chuck’s emotions? That’s Sarah. So in a way, she becomes his Kryptonite.” 

CHUCK returns to NBC in March.

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  • How is it a Countdown to Fall if Chuck doesn’t start till March. You are just reminding me how long I have to wait! *sniff*

  • Lindsay,

    That is a great point! I suppose my only excuse is that I’m simply writing my ‘countdown’ in the order in which I’m looking forward to each show’s return! My bad! But if it helps. I truly believe that CHUCK will in fact be back before March.

  • MARCH! I just fainted…………

    Seriously though – how will I ever wait until MARCH! That is so far away…..okay, I’m taking deep breaths now

  • And, by that, are you predicting a downfall of the Jay Leno project or the cancellation of everything else NBC is trying?

    The on-and-off-again nature of Chuck & Sarah’s relationship is pretty frustrating, but at least now there will be a valid reason for Chuck’s hesitation. I’d still rather see them together though.

    And of all the shows to put off until spring of the next year, why did it have to be Chuck, probably NBC’s best show right now?

  • Ace

    I really hope you are right about it coming back before March. It had really built a buzz at the end of next season and leaving it off the air for so long is just a bad idea. I have probably said this before on this site, but I really wish they had held back one of their new shows instead. But I predict that Mercy and/or Trauma probably won’t make it to March, so hopefully we’ll see Chuck when one of those gets canned. I have a feeling they’ll try to stick out Jay Leno for the whole season. *sigh*

  • Tim

    One of the only things I was looking forward to on NBC this fall was CHUCK. I hope 2 that show will come back sooner and do better this season. Can’t wait for it!

  • Keith

    March? What are they going to do? A whole eight episodes? That is a real bum deal. They should be bringing it out now. Darn you Leno. Sounds like we need to champain to get Leno off the air.

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