If We Ran Entertainment Weekly (Again!)

First, the obligatory full disclosure.

Not only is Entertainment Weekly this TV Addict’s bible. It’s also partially to blame for what some might call an unhealthy obsession with television.

That said, the magazine’s continued insistence on shoving the incredibly-mediocre vampire series that is Twilight down its loyal subscribers throats must stop. And not just because my mailman has started to give me weird looks now that I seemed to have subscribed to a magazine that features Robert Pattinson and jail-bait Taylor Lautner on its cover every-other week.

Seriously I get it, I really do. Twilight sells issues. Something that the print edition of Entertainment Weekly, not to mention the print industry as a whole desperately needs right now. But you know what? It’s not the only thing that sells.

Which is why — in lieu of what I’m fairly certain is Entertainment Weekly’s 47th Twilight cover reference over the past year — this TV Addict has decided to put his money mad design skills where his mouth is by offering up, once again, an alternate cover suggestion for that I’m fairly confident would sell just as well.

Because before there were Twihards, there was…


The Whedonverse!

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  • jengod

    AMAZING. Love it.

  • marc

    AMen! it’s been driving me crazy and I even commented that on their webste. As you said it’s not TIGER BEAT

  • MM

    I like your cover very much and I too read EW somewhat obsessively. At a SDCC party, I asked the EW publisher for a FNL cover (beautiful people, fantastic show that could use the publicity). He doesn’t like show & says it is badly cast! Go figure, huh. So, understandably they only feature super identifiable pop culture phenomena on cover (Twilight, HP, over & over). I was actually shocked at the D9 cover, especially since it didn’t include Peter Jackson’s face.

  • I’ll take two!

  • Ace

    Oh man, I hope for your sake that Google doesn’t pick this up under Twilight searches or this could be a repeat of the great Supernatural debacle of 2009.

  • Tim

    Great cover. Never seen Twilight. I prefer True Blood!

  • From your mouth to the ears of EW’s editors.

  • WHEDON! That is all.

  • renton

    Amen!!!! I’ve started calling it “Twilight Weekly.”

  • Araceli

    I’m all for Joss or Jossverse on the cover. But there hasn’t been that many Twilight covers.

  • mB


    GOD, if I have to endure another Twighlight cover (seriously: this is the second one in 3 weeks!) I will have to start getting my TV fix from somewhere else (preferably EW’s website and avoid the cover thing altogether)

  • Oreadno1

    All hail the great and mighty JOSS!

  • KC

    I’d buy a hundred copies of that Joss Whedon cover! How can we make this happen?

  • Kate

    I just wrote a letter to EW last week asking them why they’ve become so lame. If I wanted to read People I’d subscribe to People!

  • Wow! Beautiful! I might start buying EW again if it would run stories like that. 🙂

  • elizabeth ann

    not only would i buy more then one copy- i’d get one framed and hang it in my living room cuz that is one hot cover!

  • Hunter

    That’s an awesome design. Not sure if it would make sense on their Fall Movie Preview, but I’d love for it to be next weeks issue. 🙂

  • Maj

    amen== as I sit here watching PANGS

  • ewanspotter

    I had the EXACT same thought as I found that issue in my mailbox today. I even muttered (to a neighbor I’ve never met), “If I see another Twilight cover, I think I’m going to puke.”

  • I would totally get EW again if this was the cover. Multiples probably….

  • NikkiHolly


  • Sarah Jane

    YES!!!!! Best. Cover. Ever.

    I saw a picture from ComiCon of a kid holding a sign that said “Scream if Twilight ruined ComiCon.” Truer words were never written. Until now.

  • Alli


  • Starbuck


  • This is frakkin’ amazing. How can I blow that up and frame it!

  • Also, I just bought the 13th episode of Dollhouse on Amazon and it was so wonderful. If it’s showing us where the series is going, I’m all for it.

  • ken

    I LOVE IT! I’F BUY IT IN A HEARTBEAT!…..i want this in poster form for my wall!!

  • Kira

    I’d rather see a picture of G.I. Joe than another Twilight cover.

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  • Silvie

    Yes! Yes! Thank you! I’m SO tired of all that Twilight nonsense. Long live Joss!

  • Buffy

    YES, YES, YES!
    I am beginning to think that EW needs a ‘tween version for all that Twilight stuff and leave the adult version for the rest of us – and for Joss info of course!

  • Citrine

    Awesome! Love it!

  • Molly

    I WANT THIS ON MY WALL!!!!!! You should tweak it slightly (so you don’t break any copyrights or something) and sell it in your store!

  • laura

    Well said, damn straight, gosh darn skippy.

    A few million Whedonians agree.

  • Yes please! I would be so happy to go to the mailbox and find a cover like this.

  • deej

    !!!!!! A sentiment that had to be shared and a deliciously executed cover — awesome!

  • Dixie Love

    I’m doing the dance of joy.

    There was a t-shirt at Comic-Con, “And then Buffy killed Edward. The End.”

  • Jess

    OOH…. I’d save that one.

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  • Julie

    I’d buy that! (And I’m pretty stingy…)

  • ctofine

    Luckily I pick up my mail later in the day b/c I usually have a string of curse words coming out of my mouth every SINGLE time I see Twilight on the cover of EW. I’m sure my mailman wouldn’t appreciate that. Then again, he might. Perhaps he’s not a Twihard, either!

    Am LOVING your alternate cover. *nods* Thank you!

  • TVJ

    *sigh* .. You got me. I only glanced at this article before I left the office and headed straight to the local store to buy a copy of EW. Imagine my surprise when the only issue of EW I could find had those Twilight dweebs on it. Total buzzkill.

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  • eli

    oh you poor middle-aged fellow! of course you would love has-been Whedon more than jailbait Lautner. Buffy was a decade ago and Dollhouse? Please, please, please don’t tell me it didn’t suck because it seriously did. One word. NO. No, this cover wouldn’t sell. No. Sadly. Some other fellow maybe, some fellow NOT Whedon. Probably. But they wouldn’t be Robert Pattinson, so just MAYBE.