First Look: Brian Austin Green’s Metallo


Meet Metallo — or as we like to call him — the only silver lining to the CW failing to pick up the much-buzzed about new series BODY POLITIC. According to TV Guide Magazine, Brian Austin Green plays John Corben, “a new Daily Planet reporter who becomes the comic-book villain Metallo in the aftermath of an accident that finds him mysteriously outfitted with a heart made of kryptonite.” In other-words, it’s the DC Universe’s answer to Iron Man. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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  • ewanspotter

    Can this show just die already? How much longer can this mutilated zombie cash cow actually go?

  • Superhog

    Thats looks really cool, even though I would have preferred the series end last season, I’m looking forward to this.

  • jess

    I’m really excited about this upcoming season all the spoilers I’ve read have me really amped. Not to mention the trailer shown at San Diego. And Brian looking smokin’ even with a big mental thing sticking out of his chest. Boy has he come along way from David Silver.

  • Not only is the make-up TERRIBLE, but it’s also a blatant rip off of Iron Man. Wow.

  • Superhog

    Metallo has been around for a while, I loved when Malcom McDowell was his voice in the animated series in the 90’s.

  • I still think Brian Austin Green looks hot!

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