On the Fly with… CHUCK Star Sarah Lancaster

WHY WE LOVE HER: You mean, aside from the fact that she plays Chuck’s level-headed sister Ellie on the NBC fan favorite? Well, she broke through on this TV Addict’s other favorite series, EVERWOOD which the actress credits as, “most definitely the turning point in my career. I’m still really good friends with [Executive Producer] Mickey Liddell who hired me for that show and it was one of the most rewarding working experiences I’ve ever had. I loved EVERWOOD.”

HER REACTION TO CHUCK’S SURPRISE RENEWAL: “The cast as a whole is completely overwhelmed with the love and the outpouring of emotions from the fans,” admitted Lancaster to the TV Addict at the recent NBC TCA party. “It’s an overwhelming thing and I’m eternally grateful.”

HER TAKE ON THE FUTURE OF ELLIE AND AWESOME: In a word — not so awesome, “Ellie essentially has two of the most important men in her life lying to her,” teased Lancaster with regards to the new season of CHUCK that the cast just recently started shooting. “Call it women’s intuition, call it whatever, but I think she’s going to start to get suspicious and we might see a crack in the Ellie/Awesome marriage.”

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  • I hope she’s wrong about the Ellie/Awesome troubles, but I do feel like Ellie can’t stay in the dark about Chuck forever. I’m constantly surprised that no bad guy has used her as leverage against Chuck yet. I guess Chuck has kept the Intersect in his head secret well enough, but eventually somebody’s bound to come for his family. That came close to happening in the season finale, but Ellie was away from the danger thanks to Sarah & Casey.

  • Nessa Agrees with Todd W in NC

    Yea, I completely agree with the comment above! I hope its not as bad as it sounds, cuz thats what makes them so lovable their adorable relationship!
    I love Chuck, Twitter #ChuckMEout today!!! 🙂

  • @ Todd W.
    Ellie has been used for leverage over Chuck. In Chuck vs. The Santa Clause [2×11], the fake hostage negotiator told Chuck that if he didn’t cooperate, he’d shoot his “pretty little sister”, And again in Chuck vs. The Ring [2×22], Roark said that if Chuck didn’t bring him the intersect, he’d kill Ellie.

  • Larry1234

    Sarah Lancaster’s talent has been underutilized. I would like to see her as Sarah’s best friend -I doubt Sarah has ever had a best friend. Perhaps an incident could occur and Sarah could save the terrified Ellie. More of the “angst” factor is not what this series needs. That would almost seem like a fan betrayal. Although I do not think F&S cares.I do not want awesome to participate as a spy for more than one episode.