Question of the Day: MAD MEN Edition


At the risk of coming across as either (a) stupid, or worse (b) really sexist, this TV Addict simply has to ask: On last night’s season premiere of MAD MEN, am I correct in assuming that Joan is either (a) pregnant, or (b) using food as an emotional crutch in the aftermath of the rape that occurred in last season’s shocking season finale? (And just because I know you’re wondering: No this post wasn’t completely an excuse for this TV Addict to have far too much fun designing ‘fat’ Joan at, rather that was simply an added bonus!)

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  • makila

    i’m gald I wasn’t the only one who noticed

  • luke

    It’s definitely the character that’s gained weight and not that actress because she looks the same in the face. My moneys on B, she’s using food as an emotional crutch.