Today’s TV Addict Top 5: CT’s Reasons Why this Season’s BIG BROTHER Blows!

America’s Choice: The best they can do is let us decide what nasty food to have the houseguests eat each week? Yawn.

Broadcast delays: Sorry, but thanks to the potent combination of the internet and CBS’ own live feeds, any fan of the show not only knows days in advance what’s going to happen, but the real story as opposed to what the editors try and sell us. And trust me, the real story is always more interesting.

Bad casting: As our friends over at pointed out in THIS POST, by filling the house with volatile, unlikeable people, that doesn’t give viewers many “root-for” options. (Thank God for Jordan!)

Scheduling: Ever since CBS moved the weekend episode from Saturday to Sunday, the show is regularly pushed back when sporting events run over. This weekend’s golf game caused the show to run 20 minutes over on the East Coast, meaning many viewers who tape the show found the all-important, episode-ending nomination ceremony being cut off.

Boredom: The show’s “been there, done that” feel is so contageous that even the contestants seem to be walking through the entire thing. If they’re not interested, why should we be?

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  • BJ

    I’d like to say ‘It’s CBS.’ and be done with it but it’s coming from the same network that let children run free in their own little town and, well, Survivor.

    That’s the best they can do.

  • Tim

    DISAGREE!!!!! have watched all 11 seasons and this is one of the best….

  • Jae

    I am so happy to hear Chima is going away, she is such a b—h and such a very, very spoiled uncontrolable child!! Has absolutely no Idea what life is all about or how to go about living it. She gave up when she was no longer in charge because she didn’t know how to handle not being in charge. I feel very sorry for her family having to deal with someone like her, I am sure she was a big bully with all of them. It appears her grandmother and grandfather were her keepers while her mom was in Iraq, It was probably easier for mom to be in Iraq than to stay home and raise Chima!! She needs alot of help!!

  • Jae

    OH, and I am very happy to see Jesse and his over sized muscles has been voted out, he was a very sad male figure, and Jess and Russell are really good, Jess really pulled off a great feat when he did what he did, Good job, Jeff! I have also watched all of the Big Brothers and I think they are all good, this one started out slow, but has picked up and is worth wathcing now that Chima and Jesse are gone!

  • Josh Emerson

    #3 is the exact reason why I didn’t bother to even begin watching this season. I could tell just by their profiles and interviews that there wasn’t going to be anyone I cared about rooting for. CBS has done this for a few years now. You don’t ever see anyone normal put on these shows because they aren’t considered “exciting.”

  • AJ

    ITA!!! if NBC’s ridiculous “get me out of here…” proved anything, it was that america’s choice doesn’t take a week to tally!!! I am a HUGE BB fan, but it’s definitely got that “been there, done that” feel. they use the same games and competitions every season, almost in the same order. if everyone knows that there is a double eviction the week after someone goes to the jury house. that’s not a twist anymore!!!

    top five reasons it’s bad:
    1-russell and chima type fights
    2-bad editing (spoiled brats fighting on internet, but not on the show)
    3-same old games with no creativity
    4-no one to cheer for (although jorff may be good)
    5-no REAL america’s choice

    top five ways to make it better:
    1-new america’s choice after EVERY show
    2-show keep pace with house (in the house nominations are friday; pov is saturday; pov ceremony is monday. if they’re only going to air 3 days a week, they should air nominations either friday or saturday. pov ceremony should be done on sunday to air either sunday night or monday. they should air things BEFORE doing the next in the house!!!!)
    3-new games (let america suggest some, or watch some of the clips from “I survived a Japanese game show” or any of the other Japanese game shows. they have some. america has other game options.)
    4-mix it up, it’s WAY too predictable; what happened to “expect the unexpected”??? (I think the last new idea they had was america’s player, which was brilliant, but became too distorted (I think they should rotate america’s player every week). more variety, more games, more more more)
    5-get a mix of REAL america, not a bunch of whiney, bratty, egotistical model/actor wannabes!!!!!