Countdown to Fall: DOLLHOUSE


When asked to describe the thought process behind his universally adored thirteenth episode of DOLLHOUSE, Joss Whedon simply said, “We took a baseball bat, swung as hard as we could and left nothing for the ride back because who knew?” Unfortunately, the one thing we do know is that nothing in the world of television ever works out as initially planned (just ask fans of FIREFLY fans). Which is why the auteur (alongside a team of talented writers) now finds themselves summer vacation-less and entrenched in a writer’s room — all in an effort to live up to the (Spoiler Alert!) mind-blowing post-apocalyptic world that was set up in “Epitaph One.” Thankfully, Team Whedon has a plan. Step one, don’t presume what you’ve seen [in the thirteenth episode] is necessarily the whole truth (“Every flashback answers something about where people are heading but brings up a lot more questions about where they end up or how they got there,” teased Whedon to Step two, enjoy the ride. Especially now that Whedon is perfectly at home on Friday nights (Joked the writer, “There are no expectations! They [FOX] gives me a note, I say, ‘Nobody’s watching! So I don’t have to do this right?'”) and is no longer afraid to call on a little help from his [really cool] friends. “Last year I was careful that the show didn’t seem like it was a party for my friends,” said Whedon in a recent interview with “But looking at those people at the Con today [referring to the San Diego Comic Con] I realized it is a party for my friends, these are my friends.” Which means come season two, fans can expect special guest stars galore! Including a bevy of fan/genre favorites including Jamie Bamber, Felicia Day, Summer Glau and Michael Hogan.

DOLLHOUSE returns to FOX on Friday September 25th at 9PM (Global TV in Canada)

  • Ace

    Everything I have heard from Joss has made me really excited about Dollhouse coming back. Hopefully Fox will back off and let him tell the story the way he wants to. And I’m all about his kind of guest star :). He has always been excellent at casting. I’m definitely going to have to at least rent the DVDs before the show comes back so I can see that 13th episode.

  • Ace,
    The thirteenth episode is amazing, and incidentally also available on iTunes which at $1.99 is even more affordable than renting the DVD

  • Ace

    Not when you have Netflix :).

  • Ace, Touché

  • Silly

    I love Joss Whedon and I really really tried to love this show.
    But it just never got to me … I watched 8 Episodes but after that I was done. It was just not that interesting to me sadly.

    But I hope he gets the viewers he wants. Its still better than all this reality TV shit

  • The show is actually really good! I hope they capture Alpha anytime soon and place him in the attic…lol

  • Are you sure about the return date??

  • fatEMOkid,

    The date is correct, at least according to:

  • Ace

    The date is right, but it is a Friday, not a Monday. 😉

  • Oops, my bad. And by bad I mean I really shouldn’t let me A.D.D. get the better of me! And by A.D.D. I mean my total lack of focus when it comes to correcting spelling, grammar and dates.