Countdown to Fall: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER


I took four seasons (and arguably a little help from time-slot lead-in THE BIG BANG THEORY) but audiences (and best of all, the Emmy nominating committee) finally discovered what this TV Addict has known for years now: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER = Awesome! What’s more, it’s about to get even awesomer (and yes, if Barney uses it, it is in fact a word!) “For a long time the mother was in this big vast ocean of New York City and we ended the season with Ted teaching at Columbia University,” teased executive producer Craig Thomas in a recent interview with EW’s Michael Ausiello. “Having Ted literally in the same room as the mother has added a great suspense element in the writing,” And speaking of suspense, what about the relationship fans have really been buzzing about all summer long, that of Robin and Barney, whose will-they-or-won’t-they status was left somewhat up the air after last spring’s finale. Well, judging from a third episode spoiler that has Barney taking classes in “Robin 101” from Ted (Robin’s ex), we’re fairly confident in saying that “Robney” (or is it “Barbin?”) are going strong. Which yeah, we’re just gonna say, is kinda legen… wait for it… dary.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER returns to CBS on Monday, September 21 at 8PM. (E! in Canada)

  • John

    I’d go with the mashup “Swarkles” (Swarley+Robin Sparkles).

  • Ace

    I used to just watch this show when I caught it in repeats, but that all changed when I realized how much I laugh when I’m watching an episode. So I’m going back and making sure I have seen all of the episodes before it starts again in the fall. The best part of that? The silly Netflix envelop for the first season that gets everything so wrong. It says something like “the story of a 20 something guy telling his kids how he met and eventually met their mother (Robin)…. Apparently they didnt’ bother to watch the first episode.

  • FYI

    Just FYI, new episodes start running on CityTV and not E! in the fall. I wouldn’t want any viewers being confused about where to find the show on TV 🙂

  • O.o

    Robney, Barbin, BAR, BRo, Swarkles, everybody has a different name… I’m a little bit confused

  • Stevie

    Can anyone direct me to the episode in which Barney says the word “awesomer”?