The TV Addict Responds to the CW’s Salacious New Ad Campaign for THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE: TBL

sarah paxton nude

What am I looking at? Well, since you asked (1) A network that has so little faith in the intelligence of their audience — not to mention the show itself — that they’re taking the easy out by selling sex as opposed to such silliness as a plot or even concept; (2) A network that cancelled PRIVILEGED, a warm, witty, heartfelt show I wouldn’t be ashamed to let my non-existent daughter watch and replaced it with a show headlined by an actress who is no one’s idea of a role model; (3) A network so worried about the possibility (read: likelihood) of said actress’ well-publicized “personal problems” resurfacing that she’s been all-but-eliminated from the latest pre-launch publicity push (more of which can be seen after the jump); and (4) A show that will no doubt be a big hit — within the desired demographic — for the network, proving yet again that this TV Addict is rapidly becoming both too old and too smart for some of the crap being foisted upon us by The CW.




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  • Once again the CW shows its lack of direction. Now they are selling their shinning new Sex toys, and once again forgetting their biggest shows like Smallville and Supernatural, and Dawn dares to say that she wan’t Smallville for other year…yes of course with the *read sarcmas here* big promotion the CW gave it. I think Tom Welling Eica Durance Jared Paldecki and Jensen Ackless should agree to pose naked for ads for the CW gives them the promotion they deserve

  • Nick

    Got ya talkin.’

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  • Melissa

    I work for a CW affiliate, am 22, and am actually embarrassed by this… I miss Privileged!

  • Andy

    I think you’re taking these ads a little too seriously. It’s a show about a bunch of trainwreck MODELS! What other kinds of ads would you expect?

  • Tim

    Yea, what does this have to do w/ the show? Why don’t they get all of their stars naked for this ad campaign? lol From “Smallville” to “Supernatural.” Because those shows have a plot and direction.? The BL has what?

  • BJ

    I agree with Andy. It makes sense for this particular show. MODELS, everyone. They’re models. If it were Gossip Girl (which I’m sure is next) then I’d be more concerned.

  • Tiva4life

    WTF? CW is not even promoting SV nor SN when they have the fans….I hope CW folds once SV and SN cancels.

  • Shelly

    I hate the CW, Dawn has to be the most stupid woman in the business. The only shows worth anyone’s time on that network is Smallville and Supernatural but Dawn forgets about them. She relies way too much on Sex to sell her shows which end up doing horribely anyway. Smallville get’s higher ratings than any of those shows and without promoting sex, and yet it’s thrown to Friday night with no promotion from the network. I can’t wait to see the CW sink once Smalville and Supernatural are over.

  • Vanessa

    As a female viewer in the CW’s desired demographic, this networks shows that are supposed to be aimed at me are insulting. And I’m embarassed for my gender and generation if they are suckered in by this sort of nonsense. It seems to me that Ostroff’s goal is to prove that young women are 1. obsessed with sex, 2. obsessed with drugs, and 3. just flat out aren’t very bright.

    How depressing.

  • Shalimarfox80

    I doubt CW’s cheap way of getting ratings is going to work. Shows like Smallville and Supernatural have kept this network alive. Ignoring their highest rated show i.e., Smallville in the promotional campaigns and selling this crap won’t bring them any ratings.

    Wanna make the ratings better? Promote Smallville and Supernatural! Period.

  • I just think that poor girl’s head in the last photo has been Photoshopped to death. I feel bad for her.

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  • Nick

    Settle down, girls. Smallville is the last CW show to launch this fall (9/25), so there’s plenty of time for the network to promote the return of a 9-year-old series. The fans don’t need to be clubbed over the head, just told when/where the SV and SN premieres will be. That’s just TV marketing 101.

    Across the TV spectrum (look at all other networks), everyone has to market their new shows that people are unfamiliar with; otherwise no one would even know they existed. By promoting Vampire Diaries, for instance, new viewers will also be drawn to Supernatural. And by promoting Thursday shows, viewers will then be hit hard with marketing efforts to tune in for Smallville the following night.

    If you begin to look at the business of running a TV network, you’ll see everything makes much more sense…and it’s a lot smarter than just screaming mindlessly about ‘why your show isn’t promoted’ the way you think it should be. Trust me, the networks want your shows to succeed even more than YOU do.

  • Maureen

    Daniel the TV Addict reads Playboy just for the articles. Thanks for clarifying that.

  • Heather

    Uh, that first guy, from The Beautiful Life, has the SAME BODY as the Tom Welling body in the Smallville promo picture. Look at it. SAME BODY.

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  • chele

    I hate the CW, Ostroff and even Eric Kripke, but let’s face it: American viewers are exactly like this.
    Everyone is obsessed with sex, romance, hates gay people and loves dumb boring tv shows with no plot and just people kissing and having sex.
    That’s why the CW is still around. That’s America.
    In fact outside America all these horrid shows are no where to be seen.
    When Gossip Girl or 90210 aired in Europe or Australia nobody watched them and newtworks cancelled all the cw shows very fast.

    And the same goes for Supernatural and Smallville. They were loved when they were good but these two shows have not been good for a long time. Outside America nobody’s watching these shows anymore, we’re not interested in angels or anoressic people here.

  • So the Beautiful life is about airbrushed and wind blown prostitutes?

    I’m a 19 year old female — supposedly the target audience? — and would glaze right past those ads.