First Look Photos: DEXTER Season 4

dexter season 4 spoiler pics

When America’s favorite serial killer returns this September 27, Dexter Morgan will have quite the juggling act on his hands. Will he be able to find the time for his extra curricular activities between diaper duty and playing house? Is this the year Deb finally connects the dots? And just how killer a role will John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer play? Not surprisingly, nobody’s talking. “I’m the only one on set who knows what’s going to happen in the next 12 episodes and it’s a fantastic feeling,” teased Lithgow at the recent San Diego Comic Convention. “I could actually speak two sentences right now that would make this entire building explode. It’s quite thrilling. My character has fantastic surprises. I act in order to surprise people and boy will I.” But until then, these first look photos of the new season will have to do.

dexter season 4 spoiler pics

dexter season 4 spoiler pics

dexter season 4 spoiler pics

dexter season 4 spoiler pics

dexter season 4 spoiler pics

dexter season 4 spoiler pics

dexter season 4 spoiler pics

dexter season 4 spoiler pics

dexter season 4 spoiler pics

dexter season 4 spoiler pics

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  • ggny

    wow that is one ugly baby

  • Anh Khoi Do

    Wow, does it mean that the creators brought Frank Lundy back because the investigation (to find the given killer) is way tougher than the characters (those from the police department) imagined?

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  • shanna

    Only spec but: We know a lot about Dexter’s mom but nothing about Dexter’s real father.

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  • Jadon

    We already know that Dexter’s real dad died.

  • Tim

    love dexter and glad to see the regulars are back this season.

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  • Nannette Presser

    I think Dad is who taught him everything he knows

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  • DexterLover

    Thank God he’s back!

  • Daya

    Thanks for the Harry pic! I LUV Harry! <3

    Lundy’s back! Yay! He and Deb are SO funny together! I know she’s mad for Anton, but still…

  • Tana Siemaszko

    I’m with Daya, thank’s for bringing the Harry, any chance you have more of them?

  • Ric

    I have seen the first episode or season 4, why have they released that so early? It is doenloadable via torrent.

  • Yvonne

    I love Dexter..keep the shows coming!!!!!

  • kyle a

    they have changed it qiute a bit at the end of the first book dex doesnt kill his brother he kills lageurta and debbss finds out about dex then

  • emanymton

    His real father gave him the code. What is messed up is that he tries to kill with an infant keeping him awake at night. I am not okay with the season starting off with Dexter making mistakes.

  • sharon martin

    loves this show. hope it keeps going. great job. to all the actors,
    and to the directors and all the crew. please keep it going.

    michael, just great. we all love your shows. from canada

  • http://dex mark le chef

    awesome show, so hooked, congrats to all, cant wait to see dex at work again, and lundys back, mmmm intrigue for debs.