Morning Static: Paula Abdul, MELROSE PLACE, FAMILY GUY & More!

Welcome to our new morning round-up of big/interesting TV news that you may have missed over the past 24 hours because unlike us, there’s a fairly good chance that have a life outside of the small screen.

Good News: Paula Abdul’s manager David Sonenberg is not talking to AMERICAN IDOL. Bad News: A fact that he takes great pleasure in reminding anyone who will listen every other day. [LA Times]

Good News: Seth MacFarlane continues to release tongue-in-cheek ‘For Your Consideration’ videos for his Emmy nominated series FAMILY GUY. Bad News: And much the show itself — where MacFarlane and Co. have a nasty habit of running gags, well, into the ground — these youtube clips stopped being funny two videos ago. [YouTube]

Good News: The future is now! With CBS and Pepsi teaming up to save the print industry put a video ad inside the upcoming Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly. Bad News: This incredibly cool sounding video ad will only be sent to subscribers in the New York and Los Angeles area. [B&C]

Good News: MELROSE PLACE books a Tatum! Bad News: Not Channing, rather his less talented no-name wife, dancer/actress (probably singer) hyphenate Jenna Dewan. [EW]

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  • Ace

    I don’t watch Idol, so I don’t really care one way or another about Paula going back to the show. But she seriously needs to get herself a new agent.

  • Lynn

    That last Bad News, ouch. I feel like you just beat her up! I’m not a huge fan of Jenna Dewan’s or anything, but I’ve seen her in some stuff and, not that she’s great, but she’s an actress in her own right. And although I do like him, Channing is really not particularly all the talented himself. He seems more like one of those “right place at the right time + a pretty face” types of actors.

    I just recently moved to California so I don’t yet know the exact customs. When they say LA areas, could they also mean the San Fernando Valley, or just the city of LA?