Say What? Our TV Quote of the Day!


“Share the cleavage, save the show?” — is how the The Live Feed succinctly sums up some NBC execs pathetic last ditch effort to save HEROES, and probably, his or her job.

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  • Either that or they work for the WB, cause that looks like all their posters.

  • Silly

    Ok you probably know by now that I am a huge Heroes fan and no matter what always will be

    BUT… this poster sucks on so many levels
    I mean come on- WHICH cleavage? Hayden Panettiere is flat like a chicken
    Also her pores look huge, absolutely rediculous fake hair, and way too much make up
    Then there is Masi … his profil isnt his best shot
    and of course only half of Zachery …. I get why they only show half of him but still

    I know so many people who could make better looking posters and this is suppose to be professional work? Whoever gets paid for it must hate the show
    Besides noone cares about Claire anymore than those pathetic little boys who get a hard one everytime they see her (for whatever reason!!) sorry for the drastic words but thats how I feel about her

  • Jonah

    It looks 100% fake…