Advertising Anarchy: The Beautiful Clark Kent


As the saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Which is why, in our latest installment of Advertising Anarchy (Our take on how networks might wish to consider promoting some of our favorite new and returning shows this fall), this TV Addict puts aside our animosity toward the CW with regards to their penchant of selling sex to young women (see: campaigns for THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE and MELROSE PLACE) in an effort to give SMALLVILLE fans a break. After all, if anyone deserves a little love, it’s the ridiculously-loyal SMALLVILLE supporters who have spent the better part of nine years helping the CW (formerly the WB) rake in hundreds of millions of dollars sans splashy advertising campaign.

  • just priceless!!!!

  • Ace

    Ha! Now you just need to stencil in the ‘S’.

  • supernatural fans can do the same?? We want Jared and Jensen like this!!!!

  • Shelly

    LMAO Much better!

  • Jess


  • Lisa

    So, is there a Supernatural promo like this? yummie! ;D

  • Ronnie

    LOL sweet! Seriously just because Smallville isn’t sexy enough we get the crapy campaigning!

  • So is everyone naked over there on The CW? lol

    Let’s hope The View never moves to that network then….

  • Nick

    BTW, everyone hollering about Smallville promotion….Ausiello posted the first 1-minute teaser of the new season today, and it looks awesome. I’m sure it will be on-the-air tonight.

  • excellent! that would definitely bring me in on Friday nights!


  • Linda B.


  • kris

    simply AWESOME!!!

  • Tim

    very cool. lol

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  • Anna

    You all do realize that this photo was photoshopped using Tom’s head but not his body? Right? It’s the same body used by the white guy in The Beautiful Life pictures, styled exactly the same. Sorry.

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  • Gaussian

    We don’t need to see the guys from Supernatural like this……our show is too good for this obviously desperate ploy. Besides, that’s not really Tom’s body.

  • Debsa

    Mr. Welling is aging like a fine wine….spectacular….

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  • tug

    It’s heavily Photoshoped, it’s most likely his head placed on a model’s body. Not that Tom isn’t in excellent shape, we all know he is, but when it comes to creating promo ads for TV shows and posters for movies, it’s sometimes easier to have a model do all the posing then digitally ad the actor’s heads in than to get the actors to take time out and do it themselves. Still a nice ad though.