On the Fly with… TRUE BLOOD Star Sam Trammell

MEET: Actor Sam Trammell, who plays everybody’s favorite (and quite possibly only!) unlucky-in-love Bon Temps Bar Owner Sam Merlotte. HIS “I’VE ARRIVED” MOMENT: Having 4,500 fans line up for hours in the sweltering San Diego heat to get a glimpse of himself and fellow cast members at the recent TRUE BLOOD panel at SDCC. “Last year we came [to Comic Con], nobody had seen the series yet and we were just kind of selling it. This year everybody had seen it and were just so excited. Not only to be on a show that lasts for more than one season, but to be on one that people are so passionate about — it is very exciting.” HIS BIGGEST FEAR: Reading scripts, no seriously. “You hope you survive to the next script because with a writer like Alan Ball, you never know. Anything can happen on the show [and usually does!]” HIS HOPES FOR SAM’S FUTURE: “Maybe some love, maybe a nice woman perhaps, Sam’s a decent guy… right?” HIS SEASON ENDER TEASE: Although the actor was hesitant to spill too much, Trammell did reveal that Sam would “turn into something very large by the end of the season.” Adding “This season finale is hardcore dramatic, it’s great, fans are going to love it. Watch out for me and Maryann, it’s going to be a f*ckin’ rumble in the jungle!”

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  • Tim

    LOve Sam and can’t wait for the showdown w/ MaryAnn. I wonder if he’ll “see’ MaryAnn and possibly imiitate her? Just a guess. lol What else could fight her?