Good News, Bad News: HEROES, SKINS & Ryan Jenkins

Good News: GLEE star Jayma Mays has found a project to keep herself occupied during GLEE’s hiatus. Bad News: That project, reprising the role of Charlie, Hiro’s ill-fated love interest on the sinking ship we like to call HEROES. [EW]

Good News: We’re getting more SKINS! Bad News: Thanks to MTV who is developing what we can only imagine will be a watered down Americanized version of the hit British teen series. [ZonTV]

Good News: The headline grabbing story of Ryan Jenkins — the reality TV contestant who was found dead, hanging from a belt in his hotel room after fleeing to Canada upon being accused of murdering his swimsuit supermodel ex-wife Jasmine Fiore — is finally over. Bad News: For Nancy Grace and the rest of her Cable News cohorts. [Vancouver Sun]

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  • John

    An American version of Skins on MTV? Isn’t that just called Undressed? I hope so, because that show ruled!

  • BOOOOOOOOO to MTV for americanizing a show that is perfectly good for americans in its british form… 🙁

  • LOL, indeed, it’s bad news for Nancy Grace, but great news for justice-loving citizens who don’t have to foot the bill now for what would have been the exorbitant costs of prosecuting the killer.

  • Josh Emerson

    Oh God, an MTV Skins remake? This cannot turn out well. MTV will turn it into The Hills: East Coast or something similarly awful.

    This reminds me of how I felt when I heard ABC and NBC were, at different times, developing American versions of the awesome British show Gavin & Stacey. It just won’t work. Situations like The Office are one in a million.

  • Rita Riley

    How sad that a good boy (Ryan Jenkins) had to become a victim of a phony lifestyle.He wasted his life of great potential on a lowlife with implants on top of it. Ryan for what?
    What did she have to offer that you graved so much that it drove you to that?
    The pain in our chests is suffocating us.

    Love for ever
    Rita and Dave

  • Tim

    I do not look foward to MTV’s treatment of SKINS. I’ d rather watch the BBC version. MTV’s ‘reality” shows suck. IMO.

  • Silly

    @Rita Riley
    you got to be kidding me. Good boy???? He took her teeth and fingers to not leave any evidence of his masacre
    thats a good boy in your eyes?

    Please say it was a joke … a very bad one