Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Vampires Ignored by Entertainment Weekly


In their wildly-predictable August 7th cover story, Entertainment Weekly did a typically-lazy Top 20 list of the “Greatest Vampires Of All Time.” And as one might expect of a piece obviously slapped together in an attempt to boost sales by putting TRUE BLOOD’s Bill and Twilight’s Edward on the cover, the list… well, frankly, it sucked. Which is why CT put together his list of top five vamps who should have made the cut but didn’t.
Barnabas Collins, DARK SHADOWS
How the magazine expected to have its list taken seriously when it left off one of the most legendary blood suckers in entertainment history is beyond us. Barnabas single fangededly turned an about-to-be-canceled soap and made it the talk of the nation.
Because the mag never met a story it couldn’t miss the current peg to, they failed to even mention Allan Hyde’s majorly sexy vamp, who joins Bill and Eric in rounding out the show’s unholy trinity of undead hotties. In only a few episodes, he left an indelible image in the minds of viewers, many of whom would love nothing more than for the show to somehow let the undead hunk rise from his literal ashes like a phoenix.

Of course, they went with Angel, but let’s face it: The scariest vamp to ever hit Sunnydale was Dru. Because if there’s anything more fearsome than a possessive ghoul gal, it’s one who is completely and undeniably nuts.
Caleb Morley, PORT CHARLES
This now-cancelled soap got truly interesting when it introduced a sexy vamp (played by Michael Easton, now ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s John) far more dangerous than the Mobsters on the spin-off’s mothership, GENERAL HOSPITAL. Better still? The bloodsucker’s love interest was played by the gorgeous Kelly Monaco (now GH’s Sam).
Who ya gonna call? Forget Ghostbusters… we’re dialin’ up the Toronto-based detective who happens to be an 800-year-old creature of the night. While EW ignored Nick, TV Guide once put this show on it’s list of the top 25 cult TV shows of all time.

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  • BHcolin

    seriously. What does it take for Spike to get some love. I was shocked when I read EW and he was left of their list. Spike was a great character and was well acted by James Marsters.

  • I have to agree with BHcolin, Spike (William The Bloody) was an incredble character whom eventually everyone rooted for him as BTVS series came to an end. Give him credit…he killed 2 slayers in his day. 😉

  • NikkiHolly

    I’m with BHcolin. Spike was such a fun character. it’s a shame that he keeps getting ignored.

  • Godric had only been “True Blood” for a few seconds at the time of the publishing of the EW article. He probably hadn’t even surfaced at all at the time of print.

  • Nick

    Loved every Buffy/Angel episode with Drusilla. She should’ve had her own show. When she teamed up with Darla on Angel and chewed thru Wolfram & Hart….wow.

  • I agree….why does no one remember Spike..or better yet Lestat from Interview with the Vampire?

  • Jess

    Well EW did mention that in the next issue people were upset over the non-Spike mention. Spike rocked and definitely deserved a spot on that list.

  • I was surprised Spike wasn’t on the list too. They gave two spots to True Blood, why not Angel AND Spike? The guy did get pretty neutered by the end of Buffy’s run, but when he first showed up in season 2, he made Angel look vanilla.

  • ewanspotter

    Come to think of it, were there ANY female vampires mentioned on that list?

  • Where’s Mick St. John from Moonlight?

  • Todd W in NC,

    I feel as though you just opened a huge can of worms!

  • In a good way or a bad way? 🙂

  • KaeDee

    Spike was a great character, but his journey so mirrored Angel’s on Buffy, that I can see EW going with the original. Angel became a vamp first, then Spike, Angel got a soul, then Spike got a soul, Angel fell for a Slayer, Spike fell for a Slayer, Angel saved people, Spike started helping people… Personally, I thought the Buffy writers showed an appalling lack of originality in dealing with a wonderfully original character like Spike after Joss turned his attention first to Angel, then to Firefly. In simplest terms, they merely aped Angel’s major story arc in Spike leathers. I thought the character deserved better. JMO!

  • Audrina Starr

    Olivia Locke (Kelly Monaco now on GH) was a female vamp on Port Charles and she was almost as saxy as hot, passionate Caleb Morley (Michael Easton now on OLTL). No soap has bitten into me like Port Charles did or holds my interest either. Cancelling Port Charles was the biggest mistake in soap operas imo