First Look: THE BIG BANG THEORY Returns From the Arctic

big bang theory season premiere spoiler pics

One doesn’t need to have a Sheldon-sized intellect to piece together that the gang’s three month arctic expedition didn’t exactly go as planned over the summer. How else to explain some of these seriously spoileriffic photos from THE BIG BANG THEORY season premiere titled “The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation” that has one member of our fearsome foursome really happy to be home, and another fleeing to Mommy (Also known as special guest star Laurie Metcalf!) in disgrace? But hey, don’t take our word for it, judge for yourself by checking out the photos after the jump.

big bang theory season premiere spoiler pics

big bang theory season premiere spoiler pics

big bang theory season premiere spoiler pics

big bang theory season premiere spoiler pics

big bang theory season premiere spoiler pics

big bang theory season premiere spoiler pics

big bang theory season premiere spoiler pics

  • We better get at least 10 minutes with all the facial hair.

  • Bryan

    Love the Penny kiss. And she looks extremely happy to see her geeky man return from the big bad ice box in the north.

  • bpox

    Oh I love the beards. Great pics!

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  • Lee

    YAY! Leonard/Penny kiss! I can’t wait and I am LOL at the beards!

  • takineko


  • shenny

    not that crappy Leonard/Penny again! these two have ZERO chemistry, is disgusting!

  • lynn

    just want to say: awwwww @ penny/leonard!! also, can’t wait for this.

  • Ace

    So is it a requirement that if you were ever on Roseanne that you HAVE to at least guest on the BBT?

  • kiMMie

    can’t wait !!

  • Nick

    Hey, I LOVE Laurie Metcalf….and Sara Gilbert also brings a lot to this show. I’d love to see Roseanne herself–the woman is just hilarious. Maybe even the two Beckys as Penny’s two sisters? How great would that be?

    Gotta say, The Big Bang Theory has quickly risen to almost cult status among comedies. Along with NBC’s Thursday lineup, these shows are head-and-shoulders above every other sitcom on TV right now.

  • Danielle

    I’m hoping the Leonard/Penny scenes will be quick and that they’ll move on from each other quickly. They have absolutely no chemistry together and Leonard becomes really annoying when he’s romantically involved or pining after Penny. They’re much better off as friends.

    I am kind of amused at all the facial hair. LOL. Oh, boys.

  • Remy

    How does Sheldon only have a goatee (LOVE) while the rest of the boys look every bit like mountain men?

    And I second The1337 – minimum 10 minutes of beard goodness. The boys looked so good in them at Comic-Con. 🙂

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  • Amy

    I am so excited for this! Love the guys with facial hair.

    Not exactly thrilled about Leonard and Penny. I knew it was going to happen, but I do not really enjoy them together. Hopefully the relationship does not last long.

  • Jae

    Yahooooo, for the Big Bang gang reallly like them all and I am awaiting another good year of laughter with all of them……They are great. Even at my age of 69 I really get a kick out of The Big Bang gang…

  • Jackson

    Love this show….the premiere looks hilarious. The pictures of Howard kills me! The only thing I am not looking forward to is Penny and Leonard. I find these two so boring on screen. Hopefully the focus is on Sheldon, his mom, Howard and Raj.

  • SGR

    Penny/Leonard?…Whatever. I guess I can stand the boring as long as there’re lots of scenes with the other three.

  • Silly

    I love the Big Bang … and I really really hope that Roseanne herself will star on teh show someday
    Come on … we know that Howards mother needs to be her right?

  • Barboza

    Great pictures, I was hoping to see pictures before the season starts, I’m also glad how the kiss looks between leonard and penny, they both miss eachother and somehow Sheldon looks like or Reminds me of Lenin hehehehe.

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  • Annabelle

    lmao Sheldon’s facial hair reminds me of Mirrorverse!Spock.

  • Angel

    I love Leonard/Penny together, love the kiss!

    Sheldon looks cute with the goatee LOL

  • Sarah

    Sheldon with facial hair….*dies*

    Not looking forward to Penny and Leonard. Might dvr the episode and fast forward those parts. They are just dull to watch.

  • pamevero

    oh my God!!!!! i can NOT wait for the new season!!!!
    I realy love Leonard, we all are specting a relationship with Penny!!

  • Dan

    Hmmmm….looks interesting. I will give it a chance. If there is too much Penny and Leonard, I think I will just change the channel.

  • lisa

    Ugh, not Leonard and Penny *again*…haven’t we been there, done that already? Enough! I hope there’s lots of scenes with Sheldon and his mom. She’s great. I miss the guys!

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  • Lukas

    Howard’s ‘stache and cowboy outfit pretty funny already.

    Now to decide which is worth watching and which to TiVo House or BBT?

    So I see they’re going the Penny/Leonard route again, not very exciting might end up choosing House then. Hopefully it won’t take too much screen time away from Sheldon and Howard which to me are the best out of the five or at least the ones with the highest comedic potential.

    Bring on cave-man Howard and evil!Spock Sheldon!

  • Heather

    Leonard/Penny…ugh. Soooo….icky? Uncomfortable? Boring? Yes. All those. I hope it doesn’t last long.

    I do want Sheldon/Penny eventually, but at this point I don’t even care as long as it’s not Leonard/Penny.

  • Eva

    Awh they all look so pathetically manly with the beard- I third that motion about at least ten minutes of beard. Beard ftw… Also I really hope the Penny/Leonard thing is not a focus for the whole of season three- it’s dull, ill-thought out and they have no chemistry together. It better be over and done with by at least episode three. I’m still holding out and hoping for some kind of Penny/Sheldon! love in the future.

  • Cara

    Leonard/Penny again? Blegh. There’s just no chemistry there for me, so it’s really forced. I don’t really enjoy the episodes that focus on those two.

    The good news is the Sheldon’s mom is back! She’s brilliant, I love her.
    Also, Sheldon looks great in a goatee. It reminds me of Evil!Spock.

    I do hope Raj and Howard get more scenes this season. I love Raj, especially. When he’s not drunk.

  • victor

    I think this new season will be better that the last, I trust in writters and producers that they will develop new conflicts, about Leonard and Penny I can say that I see their Chemestry and I like it . I think that will not be the center of storie just a complement

  • Corina

    YAY for Leonard/Penny! I am so excited to see them together!

    and LOL @the beards!

  • Heather

    I figured Sheldon wouldn’t be the facial hair type with his phobias…Can’t wait to see the one where they go to Texas 🙂

  • Dodger

    Those pictures are hilarious. I’m very excited about Penny and Leonard. I love these two together, they are cute, funny and I also believe they have good chemistry. It will also bring up great opportunities for some funny moments between Sheldon and Penny.

  • arizona

    Oh come on. the beards are awesome but penny and sheldon need to get together. they have so much more chemistry that penny and leonard

  • kenbot

    I love the pictures. The fact that Howard looks like Woody from Toy Story means I am definitely seeing it.

  • Sara

    Would love to see Penny and Sheldon together eventually… 🙂
    Penny and Leonard have no chemistry!

  • victor

    I think Sheldon loves just one person in the world : Himself