Question of the Day, Re: ONE TREE HILL’s Robert Buckley


Is Robert Buckley — who has joined the cast of the CW’s ONE TREE HILL this season as Clayton, sports agent and friend of Nathan Scott — contractually obligated to remove his shirt in every single television role, or is it simply a happy coincidence? Discuss.

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  • Silly

    oh please, if there is a good looking women who wears very tide shirts or just a bikini in every TV show she does noone would even think about a “coincidence”
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  • Ace

    Silly – Eliza Dushku takes offense to that. 😉

  • Josh C.

    who really cares i think he should be required to do so by law

  • Anita

    He should be obligated to remove more than his shirt 🙂 It would be a waste if he kept his skin hidden 😉

  • IIRC it sadly stayed on while he was on Privileged.