The TV Addict Podcast: We’re Back… For Realz!

No really, after far too long a hiatus, a handful of technical difficulties and the realization that a podcast about nothing is well, better than no podcast at all comes the return (for realz, hence the title!) of the TV Addict Podcast. This week, hosts Daniel (The TV Addict) and co-host Ariel spend a solid forty-something minutes catching up, swapping summer stories, and trying not to laugh when Ari compares herself to Obama.

As per usual, please don’t hesitate, and by ‘don’t hesitate,’ I of course mean… let us know what you think by leaving us a comment, reviewing us on iTunes and/or sending us an email at or

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  • Yeah, i like it when you talk about nothing on your podcast, and you and Ariel are funny!

  • Tim

    I’m definitely going to check you 2 out! =) I like talking about nothing. lol

  • marc

    It cut off after 40 minutes, was curious about the party and your other 2 fav new shows besides MODERN FAMILY

  • Brynhildur

    Finally!! Can’t wait to listen to it!

  • luke

    This podcast for sure made my day!!!

    I’m going to have to disagree with you about Katharine Heigl. I think she said it in a joking manner and everyone’s just so quick to criticize her for anything because the “media” not the public, doesn’t like her. Although this probably isn’t going to help you like her, I know for a fact that at the start of season four she was making 200,000 an episode and I’m sure she’s gotten a raise since then :~)

  • This must be kismet because two days ago I spent all of 30 minutes trying to figure out if you guys had ABANDONED us, and if you were ever going to come back. I’m excited to start listening again, as you always crack me up and I missed your ramblings. Welcome back!

  • Theo

    It’s so nice to have you guys back, it has been too long!!

  • SeaKo


    And i hope you keep that Wednesday promise! 40 minutes (plus), of weekly rambling.

    Daniel, about your comments on the podcast: less tv-news and reality-shows, more comments on what you’ve seen and recommendations.

  • BulletproofMilk

    Glad you’re back! Doing the laundry wasn’t the same without you guys. 😉

    Personally, I can do without any structure/segments as long as I get to listen to you two talk about tv, life, the universe and everything on a weekly basis. Although I really like the 45 minute format 30 minutes would still be great.

    As for Freaks and Geeks, I still see Sam Weir every time I watch Bones. Despite the fact that by now John Francis Daley has been in a lot more Bones episodes than there ever were of Freaks and Geeks. Such a great show.