First Look: CSI Star Laurence Fishburne’s Extreme Makeover: Wardrobe Edition!

csi laurence fishburne jorja fox

With ratings for CSI down last season, one of the big stories to come out of CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler’s press conference at the recent TCA Press Tour was that the team behind CSI had a plan to turn things around. That plan: Get William Peterson replacement Laurence Fishburne a wardrobe makeover, and stat! And here with your first look at said makeover, plus the return of CSI alum Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) is, with a publicity still from CSI’s 10th season premiere titled “Family Affair.”

csi laurence fishburne jorja fox

csi laurence fishburne jorja fox

csi laurence fishburne jorja fox

csi laurence fishburne jorja fox

csi laurence fishburne jorja fox

csi laurence fishburne jorja fox

  • buzmeg

    They need a young hottie on this show. Sara Sidle isn’t the answer.

  • tvpam

    Pretty sure it was the writing quality and not the clothes that made people turn it off. That’s what it was for me, at least!

  • Sky

    O…Gee…here we go again. The attacks on Sara. For every person that doesn’t like the character, there is one that does.

    So here is one that is happy she is back.

  • Regina

    Funny…when Jorja was on, the ratings weren’t tanking. A “hottie” (whatever that idiotic term means) is not what they need. Better writing is what they need.
    I’m very happy to see Jorja back. And, FWIW, I love Laurence Fishbourne–new wardrobe or old. They both have a major element any show could use: the ability to act.

  • buzmeg

    hottie – a younger version of Catherine Willows

  • Dee

    I think everyone is missing the point here. Wardrobe is not the answer by any stretch of the imagination. William Peterson (and I love him) put on some weight as many of us do with age, and his wardrobe the last couple of years on the show could go from dapper to downright strange. But it did not deflect from his popularity on the show or his ability to act. Sara never was a fashion plate during her original run on the show either. The point was, those of us who loved the show from the start became accustomed to the original cast and they became a family. We probably could have gotten over the loss of one original character, and maybe even another in time. But Sara left, then Warrick was left for dead at the end of the season, and we picked up the next season with the loss of Warrick and its impact, then Grissom started preparing the team for his departure. It was a case of bad timing pure and simple. Aside from any wardrobe or storyline or writing, the loss of 3 main characters so close together was bound to have an effect. I don’t think it would matter who was hired to replace them either, it is still a loss to viewers and only time will tell if the show will fully recover.

  • jana

    Well, here’s another that is excited about Sara being back. I lost interest in the show when she left, so will definitely be tuning in to see her return. Welcome back, Jorja!

  • bookworm

    Totally agree with you Regina – bringing back Jorja goes some way to restoring what’s been lost from the show, and seeing how Jorja’s appearance on Drop Dead Diva boosted their ratings, I’m confident that she’ll do the same for CSI. I’m very very happy that she’s back!

  • If Sara is coming back, Warrick should be revived too and that won’t happen. Hotties is not the answer either. Let’s face it, most comments skirt the issue of Fishbourne, who is a fantastic actor, but the writers need to revamp and step up his role. The CSI we knew is dead except for reruns and DVD. So the ball is in the writers court.

  • Linda

    I wasn’t home last week & missed CSI’s season opener. What was Sara’s explanation for returning? Can’t beieve I missed it.

  • JorjaFan

    Do not slag Sara :O I love her. Im glad shes back, wish Grissom was with her though. Big GSR Fan