What’s On TV: August 31, 2009


GREEK (9PM ABC Family)
Appropriately titled “The Day After,” comes GREEK’s fantastic third-season opener which picks up exactly as advertised. And while it probably will come as no surprise that the world did not in-fact come to an end at least season’s “End of the World Party,” the Cartwright clan might find themselves wishing otherwise. With Casey still reeling from the one-two punch of Cappie’s rejection following Max’s (Michael Rady) decision to move on (to the CW’s MELROSE PLACE). While Rusty finds himself on the verge of flunking out.

Just how bad have things gotten for the ‘stars’ of this once saccharine series? A first read of the episode log line that has “Jon and the girls having a scavenger hunt at home” had us completely misinterpreting the words “Jon and the girls.” Sad.

WEEDS (10PM Showtime)
Season five ends on a high note. Hehehe… high… weeds… get it? Lame we know. But hey, blame Canada’s Showcase Network, whose delay of season five until September (Sunday September 13 at 10PM to be precise) has left us at a quite literal loss for words.

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