NBC [Unintentionally] Brings Back the Funny with their New Marketing Slogan


Variety is reporting that as part of a major branding overhaul, the once proud Peacock network will unveil a new slogan on September 14 which will include the tagline “More Colorful.”

Now if you’re anything like this TV Addict — odds are fairly good that upon picking yourself up off the floor due to an unexpected bout of the giggles — you’re thinking one of three things: (a) Seriously? (b) Again, WTF?! Or (c) The jokes practically write themselves. Which is why, we thought we’d get you started with a little poster we’ve concocted following far too much fun with Photoshop (see above). Feel free to post your take on NBC marketing slogan in the comments below.

Fun suggestions we’ve already discovered via twitter (again, is there anything the little blue bird can’t do?) include @BastardMachine’s “More Colorful… yet sill mostly unwatchable,” “More Leno… than you really want,” and our personal favourite “More stuff Ben Silverman liked before we fired him.”

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  • Seriously, that’s hilarious. Where is this “color” they’re talking about?

  • Ace

    Must skip TV.

    More colorful…less original.

    More colorful…in the Spring when we cancel Leno and bring back Chuck.

  • mmcdaniel

    Oh my gosh!!! Kings and Friday Night LIghts…..thought both were cancelled! Can it be? Kings is the absolutely best drama on TV today.

  • Ace

    Sorry mmc, you were right about Kings. It was cancelled halfway through its run. FNLs was picked up for two more seasons; it will be back on DirectTV first and then air on NBC next summer.

  • Rhonda

    Um, is that Katie Couric? Oops.

  • Rhonda,
    My bad, and thanks for the heads up. I meant to include Meredith Vieira!

  • Rhonda

    Too funny because that’s who I thought it was at first glance!

  • You know what cracks me up the most about the poster? Everyone on it is the same color. Really, NBC? You’re going to open yourself up to THOSE jokes?

  • John

    To be fair, I believe every show on NBC’s schedule does have at least one minority as a series regular. Masi Oka, James Kyson Lee and Sendhil Ramamurthy on Heroes, Derek Luke on Trauma, Jaime Lee Kirchner and Delory Lindo on Mercy, Ice T and BD Wong on SVU, Yvette Nicole Brown, Donald Glover, Danny Pudi and Ken Jeong on Community, Aziz Ansari on P&R, Oscar Nunez, Leslie David Baker and Craig Robinson on The Office, Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock, Kenan Thompson on SNL, Anthony Anderson and S. Epatha Merkerson on Law and Order, Kevin Alejandro and Regina King on Southland. Compare that to the CW, where you can count the non-white stars on one hand.

  • Tim

    The only thing ‘colorful’ about NBC is the language used to describe its Fall Line UP.

  • John

    Yes, the Jay Leno thing is the worst decision ever made by a TV network, but the new shows aren’t all terrible. Community is amazing, and Trauma at least has an exciting opening scene. Now check out Hank, The Middle, Brothers, The Cleveland Show or The Forgotten, then you’ll see some real garbage.

  • John,
    You really don’t like Kelsey Grammer do you 🙂

  • FooCakes

    I work for NBC. We’re constantly lauded for our diversity on air and in house. There are plenty of things to fault the company for. But not this.

  • JaySmack


    Thanks for giving us yet another example of what a joke NBC is –er, I mean what great jokes NBC makes.

    When you guys finally go the way of the LA Times, so unprofitable that nobody in their right mind would even consider buying you, then please remember this moment.

    Spin may work in the board room, it may have helped Ben Silverman stay in charge –way too long!– but it don’t fly in the real world. You’ve been caught red –or is it white?– handed.
    Just shut up and take your lumps. You don’t like it. Change that poster to something that doesn’t look like a Clorox commercial.

  • John

    This is — as Amy Sedaris would describe it — HIGH-larious. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pidelo



  • Kristen

    Didn’t The TV Addict make this poster? You guys are mad at something that was purposefully done to make us laugh. This isn’t NBC’s doing! Maybe you guys should learn to read before you make judgements!

  • Brian

    Thank You Kristen!

    For all the ragging some of you did on that NBC poster, apparently many of you did not even read the whole article so you deserve a…

    Epic Fail. (However, if you we just going along with the joke, please disregard the Epic Fail m’kays?)

    P.S. It’s called Photoshop people! 😀

  • I know this is Daniel’s own creation, but how easy was it to put this together? VERY. To be fair, NBC isn’t the only network we could make this joke about, they’re just the ones who opened themselves up to it.

  • Melissa,

    Great point. All the networks (especially as John noted above, the CW) are guilty off continuing to create shows that bare little reflection to America’s current ethnic and cultural landscape. That said, none of the other networks had the audacity to come up with such a ludicrous slogan. Somebody at NBC should have seen this backlash coming.

  • Wouldn’t it have been racist if NBC had wrote the slogan “More Colorful” with non-white people in mind? If they had created the slogan then hired a bunch of black people then it would have been more rough.
    If anything NBC is guilty of living in the past. They think that people care about things like their logo and their jingle. No one even knows what they’re talking about most of the time. I doubt any of my friends even remember “Must-See TV”.

  • sarah

    ok ppl first of all, this is CLEARLY not a poster made by nbc! secondly, this is such a loaded poster bc for every show represented in the poster there is more than one minority actor/character on the show. of course the majority of the cast is white on these shows, thats just a representation of american demographics, duh.

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