Question: What’s the only thing hotter than SUPERNATURAL stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles? Answer: Jared and Jensen in stunning 1080p. Which is why this TV Addict is thrilled to be able to make the day of two lucky SUPERNATURAL fans by giving away two copies of SUPERNATURAL: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON on Blu-ray.

To enter to win, simply leave a comment with what scene from the fourth season you think best illustrates the digital excellence of high-definition Blu-ray! Two winners will be chosen at random and notified via email on September 9, so be sure to enter using a valid email address. Not a winner? SUPERNATURAL is now available on both DVD and Blu-ray on Amazon starting at only $36.99 and includes all 22 episodes, featurettes focusing on the mythology of the show, commentary on 3 key episodes, extended/unaired scenes and a gag reel.

  • Callie

    Probably an odd choice, but I am picking a scene from the black and white episode “Monster Movie”. The scene in the bar, from Dean’s “I’m a maverick” to the Ed Brewer interview to the “I have been re-hymenated” ending. The guys looks great in black and white. — Callie

  • Definitely DEFINITELY when we first meet Castiel and you see the outline/shadow of his wings when the lightning flashes. That’s such an iconic image of SPN now, it would only be more glorious in Blu-ray.

  • Emily

    Not for any reason other than it’s my favorite from last, the infamous “teddy bear” scene. “Why?….WHHHHY?”

  • melissa

    The first time we see Castiel’s face…..’nuff said!

  • OldDarth

    Hmm. Good question.

    I’ll go with the, ‘When the Levee Breaks’ episodes and Sam’s cold turkey scenes in the demon proof chamber. There are lots of highly stylized camera shots with extreme lighting conditions that only hidef can handle without the picture blurring or being washed out due to the sometimes high level brightness used in some shots.

    That plus the audio mix making full use of a 360 degree 5.1 soundfield will truly highlight HD capabilities to the maximum.

  • The angel wings that sprout from Castiel at his first appearance would look amazing in 1080p. Such a dark scene. SO I think ti would be luminous in such high quality.

  • Linda B.

    Jensen lip synching to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ at the end of ‘Yellow Fever’. That just cracked me up! Would look great in 1080p.

  • Manda

    The beginning of ‘on the head of a pin’ where we see Cas approach the crash scene in the rain and then the camera pans up to a helicopter shot and we see the slain angel’s wing outline among the emergency lights. Such a pretty shot!

  • Bryan

    The end of the season finale is goning to look great!!! I agree that the scenes with Castiel’s wings will rock too!!!

  • Desiree’

    Anytime we see Dean. Gorgeous!

  • Krissy

    The scene with Castiel and Dean and his wings flashing would be amazing!

  • Jen

    Oh. I have to borrow what someone already posted because I loved this episode to bits. The depressed Teddy Bear. Whhhyyy?!

  • Julia

    Castiel’s Wings, of course! But the b/w episode would be nice too. The antique and the brand new together!

  • Robert Jonsson

    The first scene where Ruby, now in a hotter body, is making love to Sam for the first time. That would not be bad at all. Ruby is hot. 🙂

  • Kayla

    I’ll agree with most everyone else and say the first time we meet Castiel. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Jill

    Castiel’s wings, OF COURSE!! That freaked me out just watching on normal viewing.

  • Jaymes M

    I’m pretty sure that anytime the camera flashes Sammy’s abs, it would be much more appreciated in 1080p.

  • Monica M

    Castiel’s wings has to be the best scene for HD. However, for me seeing the season finale in HD would be great. When Castiel releases Dean and later stands with the Prophet.

  • Josh Emerson

    The season finale as a whole.

    *crosses fingers* Please let me win this! I want to catch up on SPN. 🙁

  • Andrew

    A lot of great choices here already, but I’d have to say that I would absolutely LOVE to see Ruby get gutted like a fish in glorious high definition.

    Oh. Spoilers.

  • The last scene of “Lazarus Rising” when Dean and Bobby summon Castiel and everything goes nuts.

  • Tana

    Aw, hell, I have to pick just one? I guess I want to see the brothers reunion in Lazarus Rising. Either that or the knock down drag out fight between them in When The Levee Breaks. Or pretty much any scene with Bobby. Or the Teddy Bear. Nope. I can’t pick just one. Sorry.

  • tim

    but of course Castiels first appearance where he shows his wings. that will be awesome looking…. but really any scene with any of the angels… especially the episode where anna becomes an angel again.

  • Brian

    Anytime we see Sam shirtless. That body deserves all the benefits Blu ray can give it!

  • ewanspotter

    The shot where Castiel is walking through the crashed cars, their alarms blaring, and the camera pulls up over the form of the deceased female angel (looking a bit like Mary and Jessica).

  • Silly

    Since everyone came up with the wing thing already Im going to provide my favorite scene by far this season
    Its not something you HAVE to see on BluRay but you definitively have TO SEE it

    Its from “Yellow fever” when Sam opens a locker and a little kitty jumpes out and Dean literatly cant stop screaming for a minute …. I start laughing when I just think of it. When I saw it back then I was lying on the floor with tears in my eyes

  • Belinda

    With such a rich platter to choose from, my favourite scenes are always the fighting ones, the emotional ones, and most of all the brotherly ones when they are together but nothing beats the combination of that which means, without question, the best scene to watch in High definition would be the final scene of 4.21 – When The Levee Breaks where the rope that held the brothers so firmly together finally snaps, and where both Jared and Jensen’s portrayal is brilliantly harrowing and unforgiving. I don’t know why, but i am just really into seeing Sam and Dean get their faces bashed in and none is more rewarding to watch then when they are fighting each other, and with high definition, it would be amazing to view it with clarity, and without the blur of conventional dvd players.

  • Tim

    I think the seen with the slain woman in white surrounded by the car crashes on the highway followed by the overhead reveal of the angel wings is amazing

  • MM

    It would be a tie between the scene where Castiel shows he’s an angel of God (those wings were frighteningly large) and the scene of Sam (addicted, scary veins runing up his face) locked up in the panic room.

  • Shannon Sweeney

    Why do i have to pick just one scene?? every scene will look awesome in bluray. i can’t pick just one sorry!

  • Ben Bonnici

    Definitely the intro to the final episode, ‘Lucifer Rising,’ with Carry on Wayward Son to set the mood and a recap of Season Four to get everyone pumped for the Fifth, and maybe final, season..

  • Chelsey

    The beginning of Lazarus Rising with the glass shattering at the gas station would be awesome in HD…or when the lights are shattering later on when Cas first appears at the barn.

  • I would say the episode where we find out about Castiel’s human form. At the end when the angel takes over his daughter and then his body again. And the fighting between Castiel and Uriel. That would be cool.

  • kimerz

    I would say the opening scene where Dean crawls out of his grave…the scene pulls back and we see the circle of fallen trees and the small wooden cross casting a shadow on the ground. A very powerful scene that I would love to see in BluRay.

  • Amanda

    I’d say in Rapture, when Castiel first possesses Jimmy. I thought it was done in a really awesome way, and would probably look even better in Blu-ray.

  • maviky

    I am going with one of my favorite scene, when Dean tells Sam what he did in Hell, in episode 10 ” Heaven and Hell”. That was a perfect scene, just as the one with Dean’s dream world, when he is fishing and Castiel appears at his side. The colors they used, the inature, the sound, everything was amazing about those two scenes. It was so real, lioke I was there, beside Dean, watching him, so real! I am unable to choose between these scenes but both must be amazing on Blu-Ray!

  • laurel

    I’m gonna go with a scene from In the Beginning – at the end when Dean drives up to see his mom make the deal. It’s a pretty significant scene for the show but it’s also really nicely shot, in my opinion. They’re on the sitting on the road, outside, at night, in a natural setting and when Dean drives up, the light from the headlights shines on them all just in time for him to see what his mom’s done. It’s a good scene. It would look awesome in blu-ray.

  • The angel wings that sprout from Castiel at his first appearance would look amazing in 1080p. Such a dark scene. SO I think ti would be luminous in such high quality.

  • Sonia

    I am going to go with the scene where Dean is about to torture Alastair in the On the Head of a Pin episode. Jensen always looks his best when he is all conflicted and dark-side!

  • Caroline Rojas

    Episode 10 “Heaven and Hell” was just amazing, especially the ending where Dean finally tells Sam SOMETHING about his time spent in hell. The shot where Deans’ eyes start watering up and his lip shakes just that little bit, was heartbreaking and so wonderfully captured on camera that you just couldn’t look away. And with how we still had Sam in the picture so we could see his reaction to everything that was being said!! I mean, can we get digital excellence better than that?

  • TC

    I am going with the episode, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester.”
    HD excellence = the montage of ‘Dean vs. Mausoleum zombies’ and ‘Sam vs. Samhain.’

  • Justin

    This might sound a little silly, but if I had to pick just one scene I’d go with the recap montage at the beginning of the final episode.

    It’s a brief glimpse of all the best scenes of that season, plus it’s set to Carry On My Wayward Son.

  • Phoebe

    ok i hav having huge troubles now…i saw the description of this comp and had about 8 scenes lined up to write about, problem is they have already been taken:
    ~ When we first meet castiel, all the lights blowing out, his wings and his body. the overall effect is just awesome and would look so good in blu ray
    ~ My next choce was the end of Lazarus Rising, when the theiving lying SOB ruby is finally killed and when lucifer begins to rise
    ~ easy, without a doubt the best episode this season was yellow fever, jensen is such a good actor. its hard to just choose one scene, but of course it when sam opens the locker and the kitten jumps out. seriously i could watch this for days on end, it is so god dam funny
    ~ next my choice was the slain angel who castiel found on a highway
    ~ the fight between the angels and demons in heaven and hell, when anna recieves her grace back


  • Phoebe

    the beginning of lucifer rising….the montage of wat happened in the season with carry on my wayward son is one of the things i look forward to in a season. this year it had all the best scenes combined…having this in blu ray would be FRICKEN AWESOME!

  • Piper37

    The scene where Castiel appears for the first time in the episode 1, and he spread his wings. It’s going to be impressive in HQ.