Morning Static: David Boreanaz, Lena Headey, Jon Gosselin & More!

Welcome to our morning round-up of big/interesting TV news that you may have missed over the past 24 hours because unlike us, there’s a fairly good chance that have a life outside of the small screen.

Good News: On Monday, David Boreanaz and wife Jaime Bergman welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world. Bad News: Named Bardot, which probably won’t serve her well in the school yard. Better News: Until of course the kids realize, “Wait your dad is David Boreanaz!” [People]

Let history show that on Saturday August 29th at 8:45PM Twitter officially became uncool. Thanks @jongosselin1.

Sarah Connor may not be back… but the next best thing will soon be thanks to her portrayer Lena Headey signing onto HBO’s highly anticipated GAME OF THRONES. [MoRyan]

As expected, AMC has given MAD MEN an early fourth-season renewal. Hopefully on the condition that creator Matthew Weiner decides to add a little plot development to what has slowly devolved into a brilliant, albeit somewhat arduous-to-watch character study. [The Live Feed]

  • Nick

    Does anyone actually give a flying crap about Jon, Kate or their exploited 8?

    I’m actually embarrassed that I know even *that* much. Really, WHO CARES about these people? Why are tabloids and magazines obsessed with them? It’s to the point that I can’t go thru the grocery line without an intimate encounter with this clan that I wish would go away, along with those Speidi nuts.