The TV Addict Podcast: Two in a Row!

They said it couldn’t be done. Yet here we are. In’s second — yes, you’re reading that correctly — second podcast in a row, hosts Daniel (The TV Addict) and co-host Ariel spend our usual forty-plus minutes touching on a potpourri of subjects that may-or-may-not even include a tiny bit of TV Talk. As per usual, please don’t hesitate, and by ‘don’t hesitate,’ I of course mean… let us know what you think by leaving us a comment, reviewing us on iTunes and/or sending us an email at or

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  • BulletproofMilk

    You’re on a roll! 😉

    Thanks for the show.

  • Another funny and great podcast, but why is it 47 minutes long? I think 30 min. would be better…

  • John

    Huzzah, I love me some TV Addict podcast. But what’s with the obsession to become whores. During this podcast, you talked getting paid for having sex on tape, wearing a slutty Mystique costume and shamelessly promoting products. But I’ll forgive you if Ariel says “Sorry” again, because Canadian accents are hilarious.

    As for Castle, if you’re watching it the same way I am, try it again. I think it was just a technical error.

  • John,

    That’s a very interesting question, and one that both Ari and I should probably be raising with our non-existen therapists

  • Interesting. They didn’t use “Paradise City” in any of the ads here on The N. I was confused about what you were talking about at first because it was just “Degrassi Goes Hollywood.”

  • Theo

    Wow, two in a a row…when was the last time that happened!
    And I for one would rather have 45+mins than 30+mins.

  • warren

    Fab show..more please!!!!!

    Question- who sings that version of gold digger in the in/outro? Can’t find it anywhere but I’ve been told it’s from glee’s second episode – love and hate this .fab for THE show rubbish for me since I won’t be able to get it.