An Epic ONE TREE HILL Promotional Poster #Fail


Dear Nathan and Haley, do you know where your son Jamie is? Because if it were up to us, the adorable actor who plays him (Jackson Brundage) would be perched right between his fictional TV parents in this just released ONE TREE HILL promotional poster (and not just because you two have a deplorable track record when it comes to choosing nannies, re: Carrie)

Since joining the show, Brundage has played an integral part part in the series. Not only bringing some much needed levity to a town that is often guilty of taking itself waaaaaay to seriously (See: The season’s opening four minutes complete with obligatory music montage), but for also serving as the impetus for creator Mark Schwann to yet again jump ahead fourteen months in the future to accommodate the reality that the tiny tyke well, isn’t so tiny anymore (Said Schwann in a recent interview with, “Jackson is playing 5 ½. He’s going to be 9 soon. The kid’s going to have a moustache soon and he’ll be playing 6. The best way to deal with it is to let some time pass and not pick the show up in that moment.”) Add to that the fact that it’s Jamie’s 7th birthday that brings the entire gang back together when ONE TREE HILL returns on Monday September 14th and we’re thinking somebody needs to get this kid’s agent on line one! But, let’s not make too big a deal about it — after-all — we’d hate to see things go to Brundage’s head and have him end up like this nightmare.

Poster Source: SpoilerTV

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  • luke

    Thanks for all the One Tree Hill posts. Although I feel like I’ve been watching the show out of obligation for the past two years, I’m really looking forward to this up coming season. Having said that, this cast photo is an epic fail also because of the photoshoping and that hideous background. Question for The CW: how is releasing this add only a week and a half before an episode airs helpful?

  • ggny

    lol at the fact Skills and Mouth been on the show 7 years and cant make the promo picture over the new guys..

  • ggny,

    Full disclosure: Mouth on the poster never even occurred to me, which is somewhat sad! That said, I did think about Skills, but due to his recent legal snafu, well that probably wasn’t about to happen. Not that we wouldn’t applaud — to take a page from NBC — a little more color on the CW!

  • Skillz and Mouth never get love. It took about 4 seasons before they got on the opening credits.

  • Ace

    I just think it is funny that these posters always look like they individually photographed everyone and then slapped them together into one picture (which probably is what they did here). Can they really not just get the cast all together at once? I mean, they all work at the same place :-P.

  • Josh Emerson

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always found the kid annoying. I would be happy if the show could somehow just drop him, but I know that’s not really possible.

    I haven’t decided if I’m gonna watch this new season. I quit watching last year because the show sucked, but CMM being gone will no doubt improve it.

  • Josh: I too am on the fence. While the exit of Pucas makes it interesting for me, I don’t know if it’s even worth going back especially with such a packed Monday schedule (House, HIMYM also @ 8).

  • PSawyer

    We need some Luke/Peyton blonde power… now all the characters are brunette!!!