No Flights, No Tights, No Problem!


Call us a super optimist, but the more we see from the new season of SMALLVILLE, the more we’re thinking about jumping back on the bandwagon. How about you?

Source: @lilmissx

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  • Lynn

    I was just discussing with my sister that I might get back into the show after seeing that Comic-con footage. I left in the middle of season 5 and haven’t even caught a full episode since. I don’t even really know who all the new characters are.

    Instead of thinking of it as the Smallville I used to watch, though, I’ll probably just think of it as Lois and Clark 2.0. Unfortunately, I don’t really care for Erica Durance’s Lois and they seem to be going full speed ahead with that this year. Maybe something will happen and I’ll finally warm up to her.

  • Chris

    It’s Captain Jack!

  • Amy

    My BF got me to watch Smallville w/him & I like it. It was MUCH better back in the beginning but the recent seasons have been decent (as long as Lana isn’t around – they dragged that on WAY too long). Helps that Tom Welling is such yummy eye candy

  • blueberry

    It’ll probably be better than whatever Heroes puts out this season.

  • Mohammad

    Thing is, Season 8 looked really good before it started too. Everyone kept talking about it being the season of Clark figuring out he needed another identity and Clark and Lois at the daily planet etc etc. and DOOMSDAY. And while they did have some good stuff involving all of that (and the season started off to a great start) it got worse and worse and led up to the worst finale the show has ever had. The Doomsday fight was so short and uneventful. It didn’t deliver.

    Sadly I think the CW will keep this one going until season 11 or 12 and we’ll keep being disappointed.

  • ewanspotter

    Smallville, I wish I knew how to quit you.

    Oh, that’s right. I did last season. And my life is better for losing the dead weight. RIP, (C)W(B)ZombieCashCow.

  • Jess

    after seeing the footage at Comic-Con for next season I’m even more excited about this upcoming season. I think ED portrayal of Lois Lane is the most true to the comic book character there is. I can’t wait for the Lois&Clark sparks to finally be center stage. And what they are planning for Green Arrow and the other characters sounds really cool too. They were such a great cast that anyone whose a Superman Fan needs to tune in. And of course the yumminess that is TW doesn’t hurt either. lol

  • Sonia

    Season 8 was surprisingly interesting – I never much liked this show in past seasons, but the characters have finally grown up, and I am on board for season 9.

  • this show is a disgrace. for those of us who grew up with superman[superboy,supergril] the homo who pruduce this crap for the chickflix fat middle age women who watch it should be sued for derespecting the orginal.

  • Nick

    Go back to sleep, jame.

  • Lisa

    My husband got me hooked on the show and we are very excited for Season 9 and maybe 10??? We loved the comic-con preview and Clark’s new look is well, a sort of step in the right direction… Can’t wait!!
    and ps Jame sucks!!!

  • He looks like Super Pimp. That is seriously worse than the comic arc where he becomes electricity. Ive never been a huge fan at all with what the show has done with its characters and its huge lack of acting from some of them but i got excited with the news of BAG (Brian Austin Green) showing up this season due to Terminators cancellation. Its still Smallville however and frankly I was surprised to know it was still on.