Review: GREY’S ANATOMY Sixth Season Premiere


In a recent interview, ABC Entertainment Group President Stephen McPherson characterized GREY’S ANATOMY as “a show that’s evolving.” Having just watching the sixth-season premiere, which bows Thursday September 24th on ABC at 9PM, all I can say is “Bring on the evolution… stat!”

Mama always said “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Fortunately for you, I never really listened, freeing me up to give you my thoughts on the season premiere, titled “Good Mourning.” Picking up pretty much where last May’s finale ended, the episode is basically what you’d expect: One long farewell to George O’Malley. Tears are shed, clothes are torn (apparently, GENERAL HOSPITAL isn’t the only sudsy drama on which people get inexplicably turned on by the death of loved ones) and Bailey has her prerequisite meltdown. (Note to the writers: Having a strong character show their vulnerable side by flipping out is a fantastic insight into their character. Having it occur every few episodes is a tired plot device. Or as my inner-black girl screamed at the set, “Girl, you’re a doctor! Pull it together! Seriously!”)

To be fair, things aren’t all doom and gloom in the hallowed halls of Seattle Grace. When not constrained by George’s mournful goodbye, showrunner Shonda Rhimes has cleverly begun to set things in motion. The immensely likeable Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) is given her own storyline, one of her fellow docs decides that a change of scenery is definitely in order, and, most interesting of all, serious tensions arise between Dr. Webber and Dr. Shepherd (James Pickens Jr. and Patrick Dempsey respectively). These hints of things to come give us hope that maybe, just maybe, there’s reason to think the show, like Izzy, can bounce back.

  • Linda B.

    No mention of Owen or Cristina (my 2 favorite characters). What’s up with them? No spoilers, just hints 😉

  • Linda B.

    Owen and Christina fans will be very pleased with this episode!

  • Linda B.


    Uh, I mean, good to hear. 🙂

  • Tim

    Sounds good. Love the characters on “Grey’s” and I’m looking forward to the new season. Thanks for the review. I hear the hospital is merging with another and new characters will be introduced. Hope this show doesn’t have more characters than it can use. lol Perhaps the show is gearing up to slowly replace the older characters as contracts expire and ppl leave. Just a thought.

  • Christina

    I want to know what happens with Mark and Lexie, their storyline from the finale really had no conclusion. Understandably there was alot more drama to address last May.

  • Ace

    Tim — They have said they are hoping to keep the show going for a long time like NBC was able to do with ER. But I can’t say that sounds promising since I stopped watching ER at least 6 years before it went off the air.

  • TVFan

    I for one am looking forward to some fresh faces on GREY’s. Unlike ER, where it was disappointing to see our favorites like Clooney and Marguilies exit, the off screen antics of the GREY’s cast has me wishing Katherine Heigl’s five episode vacation was one of a permanent nature.

  • Jamie

    I think the part about ‘the people getting horny by death’ was aimed at owen and christina 😉
    just my take on it.


  • kate

    Can’t you give us some MerDer scoop? Good or bad?
    Thank you!

  • barbara

    No MerDer in the episode? Please?!

  • kate, jamie,

    All I will say is that tragedy does tend to bring couples, perhaps more than one, closer together.

  • Lulù

    Alex and Izzie? Please….

  • Tania

    What about Meredith.
    I’m interested how she deals with things now.

  • Ambz

    Mark and Lexie scoop? I’ll do anything 😀

  • Ambz,
    There are scenes with Mark and Lexie, but I’m not sure Shonda Rhimes would appreciate me giving you a shot-by-shot recount of the premiere 🙂

  • Lisa

    THANK YOU for the good news on Cristina and Owen!! I love all of Grey’s, but am addicted to this couple!!!

  • jay

    i already heard callie wont be at the funeral, which seems a little strange….as a GIANT callie fan am i gonna hate the way they do this or will it make sense?

  • jay,
    Although I won’t spill specifics, I will say that as a GIANT Callie fan, you’ll definitely pleased with the amount of screen time she receives in the premiere.

  • Zay

    Any good MerDer in the premiere?

  • Tim

    thanks ace for the 411. -) i stopped watching ER yrs b4 it went off the air. all my favs were gone. lol didn’t like the replacements so i stopped watching.

  • Linda

    I’m looking forward to Alex and Izzie…will I be happy with the premiere??

  • Jamie

    I love Owen and Cris, but saw them ALL the way through the newest GA promo and they look set up fine, so could you please give us something on the show’s longest running core couple, Meredith and Derek? I’d like to have something to go on with them. Thank you:)

  • Meridian Jackson

    What’s your job title that you get to watch and review TV shows season premiere’s early? That must be the best job ever.

  • Wala

    Could you tell me as a MerDer fan would I happy or let down as usual?You gotta give me something on my main couple here if I’m suppose to believe they are still the main couple!!
    Sorry for the rambling.

  • Janie

    Okay, you’ve now covered MerDer, Mark/Lexie, Owen and Christina, and Callie…Alex and Izzie, please?! Happy thoughts.

  • Laura

    Krista has indicated that Derek will finally get his own storyline. Pease tell me we will see a lot of Derek on the premiere. Also hope for a big dose of Mer/Der. Their fan base if by far the largest and they seem to get so little screen time.

  • Noobishgurl

    Thanks for the review, let us know if there will be any Callie/Arizona scenes in the episode!!?? Pretty Pwease??

  • Angela

    Uh-oh. You’ve mentioned everyone except Alex and Izzie…is that bad? Please say no!

  • Ambz

    Good scenes with Mark and Lexie lol??
    Do they continue with the season finale storyline they had ?
    😀 please 😀

  • patty

    can you tell us please, if we will be happy with merder screen time in SP? or we only get 30 sec? pleaseeeeeee

    thank you

  • kait

    How did you get your job so that you can see the season premiere beforeee everyone else?? Like seriously, are you a huge movie/TV critic that goes to the opening nights and stuff? ‘Cause I don’t understand what they go to school for if they’re basing their opinions, etc. I’m going to be looking into this. 😉 Also, totally pissed that George is dying. WAY beyond pissed that he’s not sticking around for a few extra episodes before dying.