Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Fall’s Most Anticipated New Comedies


For his first regular series television project, THE SOUP’s Joel McHale proves he’s no dummy… by enrolling in Community College. No, really. Rather than go down the sitcom route that has plagued so many big names prior (see: Geena Davis, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards and Bette Midler to name a few) McHale cleverly decided to surround himself with perhaps the most talented group of quirky newcomers since Dunder Mifflin opened up a branch in Scranton. Yup, thanks to Chevy Chase, Allison Brea and our prediction for this Fall’s break-out star Danny Pudi (Sorry Jack McBrayer, you’re so 2007), we finally have a reason to be excited for school. COMMUNITY premieres on Thursday September 17 at 9:30PM on NBC, CityTV in Canada

Heading into the fall season, there was little doubt that the Courteney Cox starring, Bill Lawrence produced comedy was going to make this list. Unfortunately, rather than offer up big laughs, COUGAR TOWN is little more than a big disappointment, relying far too much on hackneyed stereotypes (older woman + younger hottie = funny!) and an unbelievable premise (Seriously, who is divorcing Courteney Cox?). That said, when your showrunner is one of the funniest men in the business, heck on the planet (Free advice: If NBC were smart, they’d give Bill Lawrence the 10PM slot) and your show continues to employ the under appreciated gem that is ALIENS IN AMERICA survivor Dan Byrd, you get a second, third, well, as many chances as you need to make it work. COUGAR TOWN premieres on Wednesday September 23 at 9:30PM on ABC, CityTV in Canada

Just when you thought it was safe to cancel your HBO subscription (Following Sunday’s TRUE BLOOD season finale, natch!), comes the reunion you never thought would happen (Or, as Julia Louise-Dreyfus called it in Entertainment Weekly’s recent fantastic cover story “the anti-reunion.”) Yup, Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer make a welcome return to the small screen when everybody’s favorite neurotic, Larry David, hatches a plan to help win back [his estranged wife] Cheryl by scoring her a plum role as George’s ex-wife in the SEINFELD reunion. Complete with familiar sets and nonsensical plot points (George refuses to share with Larry how much he’s tipping a waiter) the gang is in fine form. So much so that you’ll be wishing NBC could replace their current slate of nothing (see: TRAUMA and MERCY) with the original show about nothing. CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM premieres on Sunday September 20 at 9PM on HBO and HBO Canada

From the network that gave us HOME IMPROVEMENT, ACCORDING TO JIM and FULL HOUSE comes a different kind of comedy: One that will actually have you laughing. Thanks in no small part to the aforementioned modern family comprised of future Emmy nominees Ed O’Neill (MARRIED WITH CHILDREN), Ty Burr (BACK TO YOU), Julie Bowen (ED) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (THE CLASS), and a subject matter that everybody can relate to. Be it old, young, white, black, gay, straight, man, woman, parent or child: Crazy families are fun to watch (especially when they’re not your own!) MODERN FAMILY premieres on Wednesday September 23 at 9PM on ABC, CityTV in Canada

Now I know what you’re thinking, clearly has lost it. But before you click off this page, erase from your rss reader, delete our bookmark, stop following us on twitter and proclaim all credibility lost — consider this. For better or for worse, THE JAY LENO SHOW may be the biggest story to come out of the fall season. And whether it succeeds or fails spectacularly, of this we are sure. Primetime television will never be the same. THE JAY LENO SHOW premieres on Monday September 14 at 10PM on NBC, CityTV in Canada

  • Leno is not a comedy. It is a tragedy. Five prime-time hours lost. No work for dozens of writers and actors. No work for hundreds of behind-the-scenes people. And Leno will likely fail and NBC will scramble by bringing shows out too early and without much promotion, dooming their chances of surviving the season.

  • Ace

    Curb isn’t exactly new ;-). I’d replace Jay with Glee. It might not be a half-hour sitcom, but I would still put it in the comedy section.

  • Ace,

    You’re right! And after seeing your comment it occurred to me why I think of it as new. It’s new to me! I never really tuned into CURB before I heard about the SEINFELD reunion and now I’m completely hooked.

  • Debsa

    Nicely done… thank you for including the Canadian Premiere dates, times and stations…

  • Ace

    TVA — I’ve never watched Curb regularly, but it is hilarious. My favorite episode is the one where Larry David picks up a hooker so he can ride in the HOV lane to a baseball game.

  • Tim

    I agree Jay Leno will be news this season whether we like it or not. Hopefully as a huge failure and NBC brings back some drama. lol I wanna check out Courtney Cox’s Cougartown, but shows only get so many chances to hook me. I’m also looking forward to Modern Family.

  • John

    Curb ain’t new, so how about replacing with an actual new cable comdy: Bored to Death? And I really want to disagree with you on Jay Leno, but it might sadly be true. What else good is there? Hank, The Middle, Brothers, The Cleveland Show? Awful, all around.

  • I’m also looking forward to Cougar Town.

    In defense of Jay Leno, he’s a pretty good interviewer, and he seems like a very nice guy in general. However, I can’t stand his monologues or any of his comedy bits. If his show is going to be more comedy, less guest interviewing, it can’t be good. I’ll probably try it a few times out of pure curiosity the way drivers slow down to look at a car wreck. Who knows; it might even turn out to be good. Not likely, but stranger things have happened.

  • UGH! @ Leno!

    I agree that it will be an item for discussion, but really?!

  • John,
    I haven’t had the chance to watch BORED TO DEATH yet. But it’s definitely on my radar.

    I’m trying 🙂

  • MIA

    sorry but I saw the Modern Family pilot. I only laughed once and I am usually pretty fast & easy to crack up… I hope it improves…
    and dont bash CougarTown, anything Ive seen was so funny!