Spotlight on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Star Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev with the TV Addict’s trusty sidekick Mac

WHY YOU KNOW HER: Before heading south of the border to headline THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, Nina Dobrev was perhaps best known for her portrayal of DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION’s very own version of ‘Juno MacGuff,’ full-time high school student/mom and part-time model (natch!) Mia Jones.

ON THE SUCCESS OF HER FELLOW DEGRASSI ALUM: Not that Dobrev really needs to remind us, but many DEGRASSI grads have a knack for going onto even bigger and better things. “Drake [Aubrey Graham] is doing music, Shenae [Grimes] is on 90210 and Jake Epstein is starring in Spring Awakening. We’re all kind of moving on to new chapters in our career, yet DEGRASSI still remains a huge part of our lives. [Prior to starting shooting THE VAMPIRE DIARIES] I went back and did a couple of episodes for the new season.”

ON THE DARK SIDE OF STARDOM: As fellow Canadian Shenae Grimes discovered first hand, there is a downside to fame. One that Dobrev doesn’t want to think about, at least not yet. “Nobody knows who I am yet and I don’t event want to think of the media criticizing me yet,” Jokes the actress, “Don’t believe whatever it is. If it’s bad it’s not true!”

ON HER VERY OWN SOPHIE’S CHOICE: Based on the hit series of young adult novels by L.J. Smith, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES will soon find Dobrev at the center of a love triangle, sandwiched between two mysterious brothers named Stefan and Damon (Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder respectively), But don’t ask Dobrev to choose, seriously, we tried. “Apples and oranges my friends, I can’t make that choice, I love them both like brothers.”

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES premieres Thursday September 10 at 8PM on the CW, CTV in Canada

  • bec

    Love the interview, that picture is so cute. I’ve always been a Degrassi fan and it’s nice to see the cast moving on to bigger better things. I think she is filming in Georgia, so I doubt that she will be plagued with tabloid rumors like Shenae or Drake. I think she is actually lucky to not be in LA.

  • I like Nina alot. I saw her in a few cheesy Lifetime and SyFy movies and she was always the bright spot. I’m just afraid because Vampire Diaries is one of my all time favorite books and I don’t think it’s going to be done justice in the series.

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  • In my eyes nina is the most genuin actress she is beautiful and no one could replace her as elena