Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons We’re Excited For FRINGE’s Second Season Premiere (and why you should be too!)


Love is in the air
After a long day of saving the world from paranormal phenomena and mutated serial killers that may-or-may-not-be from ‘the other side (dimension?),’ it should probably come as no surprise that two of your favorite series regulars succumb to temptation on Thursday’s second season premiere. But what might come as a surprise is which member (or members) of Fringe division lock lips! Needless to say, like most everything on the series, we guarantee you will not see it coming.

The truth is out there
Which is our way of saying that X-FILES fans in particular should pay extra close attention to Thursday’s episode that have writers J.J. Abrams and Akiva Goldsman unexpectedly tipping their hat to the paranormal FOX series that started it all.

Agent Charlie Francis
Even though actor Kirk Acevedo did announce via facebook that he was fired, don’t believe everything you read. Or rather, do believe it. Kinda. It will make Thursday’s episode that much more surprising.

The Bishops
Not only is Peter Bishop finally front and center, playing a pivotal role in the episode (and we predict the season), from his penchant for offering up way too much information (especially as he sticks his hand up a corpse’s you-know-what on Thursday’s episode) to his innate ability to make us laugh while doing so, Walter Bishop is in fine form. A fact that only adds insult to injury to John Noble’s lack of Emmy recognition and his inexcusable exclusion from this week’s Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview.

Watch and Win
Because sometime during FRINGE’s second season premiere this Thursday September 17 at 9PM on FOX (CTV in Canada), (in partnership with the Warner Bro. Facebook Community) will be giving away one copy of FRINGE: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON on Blu-ray to one lucky reader. To enter to win, simply post away in the comments below with your best guess as to how many episodes it will take for Peter Bishop to discover the truth about himself. And be sure to check back following Thursdays episode to find out if you’re a winner (One winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. So please be sure to leave a comment with a valid email address.)

  • darknos

    The seventh episode of this season.

  • Alex

    only 3, something about that number. Fibonacci? naw.

    he’s going to find out. but then won’t tell Walter about it because something is going to happen that might separate them. Maybe Walter will get kidnapped.

    Hm….that would make things interesting. or cliche?

  • Reggie

    Every Episode will reveal something!!

  • ellen

    Broyles and Nina Sharp already locked lips in the 1st episode of season2. What’s up with that?

  • chris

    9 eps

  • jhannine

    10 episodes! =)

  • Fringelove

    I think they will tell Peter at the end of this season because Walter will die. Then they will have Walter connect with Peter for season 3 like John and Olivia in season 1 but with more of a realism theme. This is when Walter will reveal all to Peter and Peter will quest to find out the truth to his life in both universes.
    Also the love interest will be between Peter and Olivia’s sister. This will then reveal Olivia’s sister as connected to Massive Dynamic and that she was sent to spy on her all along.
    Man I love this show and the twists it can take!!!

  • I say around 7?

    I cannot wait to see where they go with this… this show is seriously fun romp…


  • Rani

    9 episodesssss =)

  • maaslider

    7th episode

  • Orsi

    6 episodes.

  • kricket

    don’t know what ep., but it will be as soon as olivia has one of her out of body,other lifetime flash.because she’ll have to confront walter without peter knowing yet.he will have to be told for the reason of stopping him from dying again. don’t ask why all that. but show is so soon reality-cool that i sometime dream like i’m see my own fringe series.

  • tamra bertoldi

    love the show great fan.

  • tamra bertoldi

    9th episode

  • well it will take 12 episodes

  • Priscila

    Well, maybe in the third episode. I like of the numbre 3…
    I love Fringe. I and my husband are addicted in it.
    So, Olivia and Peter will be a cute and beauty couple… I’m hoping that they

  • Wess

    I’m gonna say 12 episodes seems like something that will happen later in the season close to the end just to help build up to that climatic season finale. And I’m sure it will be an awesome, probably 10 times better than the first season finale.

  • Acid_Rayne

    i believe eight because i feel good about that number

  • Eva

    i think he’s gonna realise it on the episode of the 4th february,sooo, from the episode 12, it’ll be 3 more episodes included the one of february 😛

  • Angie

    its episode 15