Morning Static: Maura Tierney, SNL, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS & More!

Sad: Maura Tierney officially exits NBC’s PARENTHOOD, citing scheduling conflicts between the show’s production and her treatment for breast cancer. [THR]

Would You Rather: Be fired from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE for being too fat or not funny? That’s the question Casey Wilson is probably pondering this week after her SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE contract was not renewed. [TheWrap]

Full Hearts: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS will return to October 28 on DirecTV [THO]

Good News Mom: According to a study paid for by carried out jointly by the universities of Surrey and Illinois, television shows such as THE SIMPSONS, LOST and 24 helped viewers have a better understanding of political issues and make viewers more receptive to new information and ideas. [Telegraph]

Friday Funny: Kathy Griffin in KATE IS ENOUGH: THE KATE GOSSELIN STORY. [YouTube]

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  • DutchGuy

    Jaaaaaaaj! New season FNL! Can’t wait!

  • Josh Emerson

    I don’t think Casey Wilson was fired from SNL because of her weight. If that were the case, why would they have hired her in the first place? She’s gone because she wasn’t that good.

    I still have no clue why they fired Michaela Watkins though. She was a fantastic addition to the sinking SNL ship, one of the few funny parts. We need more Today Show sketches!

  • Josh,
    Completely agree about Michaela Watkins. I thought for a first year performer she did a fantastic job of breaking through. Particularly with her take on TODAY’s Hoda. Arianna Huffington and the “Bitchpleez” blogger.

  • Ace

    TVA — Now that fall TV has reved up, can we restart the favorite quotes of the week section??

  • Ace,
    Great idea!

  • Sad to hear about Maura Tierney; curious if they are going to re-cast with another steller actress.