Post Your Favorite TV Quotes of the Week!

Back by popular demand (Thanks Ace!) comes our semi-regular Friday tradition, your opportunity to post your FAVORITE TV QUOTES OF THE WEEK! New to No idea what I’m talking about? Simply post your favorite quotes of the week in the comments below and check back Sunday to see the winners. Odds are they’ll look something like this.

  • Just Jody

    “One day you will all work for me.” Kurt, Glee

  • Allison

    Rachel: I tried, but I guess I don’t have a gag reflex.
    Emma: When you’re older, you’ll find that will be a gift.


  • Silly

    Dean: Life as the Angel´s condom? Now thats great.

    Dean: That´s supose to be Michael? He looks like Cate Blanchete.


  • Ace

    Woot! Although maybe it was a little premature b/c mine is from Glee too :).

    Will: My father always said you’d become a man when you bought your first house. I’m not sure what he meant though because he burned ours down during a drunken fight with mom.

  • I’m sensing GLEE is going to have a permanent spot here this season!

  • Tim

    I liked Jane Lynch’s respone on Glee afte seeing PUSH IT. “That was the most offensive thing I’ve seen in 20 years of teaching and that includes a grammar school production of Hair.” LOL funny.

  • BJ

    Well I thought Glee but my fellow Gleeks above made sure to post the good ones already. I’ll cry conspiracy if a Glee quote doesn’t make the final cut, tvaddict. 🙂

  • this are my picks:

    “I love love, I just hate monogamy.”
    Ella Simms -Melrose Place

    “This is where our daughter or gay son will sleep ”
    Terri -Glee

    “Today, of course, is September 9th, a very unique day because it’s 9,9,9. Folks, I tell ya I haven’t heard so many nines since I dated that German woman!”
    Conan O’ Brien on The Tonight Show

  • John

    It’s quite gross, but I can’t get this Supernatural bit of dialogue out of my head:

    Becky: “Sam caressed Dean’s clavicle. ‘This is wrong,’ said Dean. ‘Then I don’t want to be right,’ replied Sam in a husky voice.”

  • LB

    There are so many from Glee!!
    I second this one: “That was the most offensive thing I’ve seen in twenty years of teaching, and that includes an elementary school production of Hair.”

  • Zacharia: “You wanna kill the devil- we want you to kill the devil. It’s…synergy.”
    Dean: “And I’m just supposed to trust you? Cram it with walnuts, ugly!”

    Lucifer: “My name is Lucifer”
    Nick: “Sure! Naturally… yeah… hmm… Could you do me a favor, there… Satan, and remind me to quit drinking before I go to bed”


  • Callie

    Following Dean’s suggestion that they take on both heaven and hell.

    Bobby: And how are we supposed to do all this, genius?
    Dean: I got no idea. But what I do have is a GED and a “give’em hell” attitude and I’ll figure it out.
    Bobby: You are nine kinds of crazy, boy.
    Dean: It’s been said.

    — Supernatural

  • Victoria

    I don’t have a suggestion, I just forgot how much I missed this semi-regular tradition.