Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Fall’s Most Anticipated New Dramas


Now, stop us if you’ve heard this one before. A public figure gets caught in a very-public scandal and must defend himself while his mortified/humiliated wife graciously stands by his side. Of course, what you probably haven’t heard — after the cameras, nosey reporters and the invitations to guest co-host THE VIEW quiet down— is what happens next. Which is where the titular wife (played to pitch perfect perfection by ER vet Julianna Marguilies) comes in. Will Marguilies’ Alicia Florrick be able to navigate the complexities of work and family while husband Peter (Chris Noth) serves time in the crowbar salon? It certainly will be fun to watch, especially thanks to some of Mrs. Florrick’s new co-workers who include Matt Czuchry (GILMORE GIRLS), Josh Charles (SPORTS NIGHT) and the always entertaining Christine Baranski (CYBILL). THE GOOD WIFE premieres on Tuesday September 22nd at 10PM on CBS, GlobalTV in Canada

Why does the entire world black out for precisely two minutes and thirty-three seconds, leaving some (including stars Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Sonya Walger among others) with glimpses into a perilous and possibly terrifying future event that will occur on April 19, 2010. Yeah… we have no idea. But what we do know is that thanks to a phenomenal pilot and a final scene that will have you wishing you could flash forward to next week’s episode, ABC execs can breath a deep sigh of relief, having officially found the next big series everybody will be talking about. FLASH FORWARD premieres on Thursday September 24th at 8PM on ABC

Since there is really nothing left to say that hasn’t already been said about the most entertaining and original new show of the fall, we’ll simply say this. Thank God GLEE returns this week with a brand new episode, because we’re fairly certain that our iPhone just took over our twitter account and announced that it was going on strike until we started playing other songs outside of “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “Gold Digger,” and “Rehab.” (Update since Wednesday’s episode: Our iPhone is getting pretty tired of Lea Michele’s incredible cover of “Take a Bow” as well! How long until next Wednesday?) GLEE airs on Wednesdays at 9PM on FOX, GlobalTV in Canada

Prostitution, Infidelity, blackmail, capped off with a dead body floating in the pool. Not too much has changed withinLos Angeles’ now iconic 4616 Melrose Place. And luckily for TV addicts, that’s exactly how we like it. Of course it’s one thing to take a trip down mystery lane with a splashy premiere of a nostalgic favorite, but another thing entirely to sign a one year lease (Or a TiVo Season’s Pass as the case may be.) Especially when the big mystery — one even more pressing than who killed Sydney Andrews — still remains: Can producers Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin maintain the perfect balance of flirtatious fun and film noir that they set up in the premiere? Or will fans soon be wishing to see their bodies floating in the pool as another TV show from our youth is raped and pillaged for profit. Stay tuned… MELROSE PLACE airs on Tuesdays at 9PM on the CW, Wednesdays at 10PM on GlobalTV in Canada

This fall earth will be invaded by some eerily familiar aliens when ABC re-imagines the 80’s cult classic ‘V.’ But before you cry foul (or, “Hey Hollywood, would an original idea or two really kill you?) we’ve got some good news. Namely — LOST’s Elizabeth Mitchell, EVERWOOD’s Scott Wolf, THE 4400’s Joel Gretsch and FIREFLY’s Alan Tudyk — all of whom will be fighting for our future in this surprisingly solid re-boot that features a very welcome combination of some of the best small screen special effects in recent memory and a multitude of exciting story-lines that will pretty much guarantee fans will be saying, “take me to your leader.” (Which probably shouldn’t come as a surprise when the leader is FIREFLY’s Monica Baccarin) V premieres on Tuesday November 3rd at 8PM

  • Tim

    I’m not sold on Good Wife, but the other 4 I’m def interested in. lol But I may check out the Good Wife once to see.

  • John

    MP, FF and V totally belong here. Glee is in no way, shape or form a Drama, but whatever. I don’t really care about The Good Wife, but I guess there isn’t much else that’s better. Maybe VD (my loving pet name for Vampire Diaries) or Eastwick, both of which are at least entertaining.

  • bws

    TVA, will you posting ratings each morning this season? I haven’t seen how Glee did the other night yet. I know Melrose debuted to lukewarm numbers but it fits so squarely in the CWs demos that it is very likely to go on for 25 years no matter what.

  • John,
    I’ll concede that GLEE might not have been the best choice for the dramatic category, but it balanced out my comedy list.

    I’m still debating whether I want to post ratings this year, I have a lot of issues with the way things are being measured, but just so you know GLEE did very well and FOX is quite pleased.

  • Ace

    I know the system is flawed, but I enjoy seeing the ratings too. Although it usually just infuriates me (that many people are watching Two and a Half Men instead of Chuck?? WTF??…going to happy place).

    I read on EW that Vampire Diaries was the biggest premiere for the CW last night. Not exactly suprising given the vampire craze of the moment.

  • bws

    yeah, it looks like TVD did 4.84 million. Not bad… but seeing as everyone that I know who watched said it was laughably bad, it could see a sharp drop next week.

    I’m also curious how the Cat Deeley show does in its first fall debut. I hope it beats the summer numbers!

    TVA, I know we’ve had the DVR/Nielsen ratings discussion before. and I know how it unfairly rewards CBS shows, whose average viewer just leaves their TVs locked on CBS 24/7. So if you don’t want to post them out of principle… that’s ok. I’m guessing one of the other lesser tv cover guys and gals will have the numbers. I just think of the numbers as relative. Did a show do better or worse than the previous week?

  • Ace

    bws — I want SYTYCD to do well b/c I like the show, but at the same time I don’t want it to get better numbers than the summer b/c that will just further convince the networks that people don’t watch TV in the summer…

  • Will be watching 4 of the 5. Am leaving out Melrose, just not my cup of tea.

  • Jess

    I was with ya until u mentioned Melrose so not interested and I hear it did terrible in the ratings. How about the move Smallville out of death nail Friday instead! I loved Vampire Diaries . I thought it was great. Thursday is now the D&S night. Hot Brothers’ Central.

  • I *finally* got around to watching the pilot episode of Glee that was free on iTunes a few months ago. I wasn’t sure if I’d be interested in it. It looked a little too, uh, “gleeful” for me, but…

    Unless the 2nd episode does something to change my mind, I may just be onboard.

    One of the better pilot episodes of a new show in several years. Great script, good acting, excellent editing, and I loved the final musical number, even though I’m not a huge Journey fan. The episode felt like a mix of the movies Election and Mr. Holland’s Opus, but there’s nothing at all wrong with that.

    And, as added bonuses, Jayma Mays has never looked better (have her eyes always been that big?), it’s nice to see Jessalyn Gilsig play a pleasant character again, and I’m betting Jane Lynch will continue to have some of best lines.

  • The 2nd episode of Glee isn’t as good as the pilot, but I’m still onboard. I have a feeling Lea Michelle may earn an Emmy nod if she keeps things up. And, my favorite character so far is Jayma Mays’ guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury.

    As for whether Glee is a drama or a comedy, I think it’s somewhere in between, like Gilmore Girls, Men In Trees, and Boston Legal. Maybe that’s why it appeals to me. Some shows with nothing but drama can be boring or depressing. Straight-up comedies can sometimes be too goofy. Glee strikes the right balance. Lea Michelle’s solo near the end of ep2 was definitely a dramatic moment in my book.

  • If you can’t wait until FlashForward’s premiere you can check out these pretty cool features:

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    Hope you like it!!