Sunday’s This Fall: Watch, PVR, Pass!


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  • bws

    Yes to Sundays! My wife and I typically watch Extreme Makeover while we cook and then settle in to watch the Amazing Race and DH while we eat. But I’ll also be recording Family Guy, American Dad, Curb, Bored, Dexter, Mad Men, and Californication. That’s a good night of TV.

  • Ace

    I watch the Simpsons when I actually catch it new (it seems like it is always a repeat!), DHs and B&Ss. I really need to catch up on Curb, Mad Men and Dexter.

  • Josh Emerson

    I will watch The Simpsons and Family Guy live. I’ll download Dexter the next day, rather than subscribing to Showtime just for one show. I’ve considered giving B&S another chance but I’m not sure whether I actually will.

    I watched the Cleveland Show pilot that leaked and it really sucked. I doubt I’ll end up watching it.

  • Aww, you can watch The Simpsons, Family Guy and The Cleveland Show but DVR American Dad? I like American Dad.

  • Sunday’s are not that bad, in regards to the number of shows that I take in.

    Typically do not watch comedy’s or cartoons, therefore the night is not too bad overall.

    My Sunday Line Up:

    Amazing Race – 8:00 PM – CBS – Premiering: September 27, 2009
    Big Brother – 8:00 PM – CBS – Finale: September 15, 2009
    Three Rivers – 9:00 PM – CBS – Premiering: October 4, 2009
    True Blood – 9:00 PM – HBO – Finale: September 13, 2009
    Dexter – 9:00 PM – SHO – Premiering: September 27, 2009
    Defying Gravity – 10:00 PM – ABC – ON AIR
    Cold Case – 10:00 PM – CBS – Premiering: September 27, 2009

    Ice Road Truckers – 9:00 PM – HIST – CURRENTLY OFF AIR
    Law & Order: CI – 9:00 PM – USA – CURRENTLY OFF AIR
    In Plain Sight – 10:00 PM – USA – CURRENTLY OFF AIR (Summer/Winter)

  • Alex

    Dexter airs at 9, not 10 as you have listed.

  • you forgot Californication!!!

  • Wow, Nicole, you watch a lot of TV.

    You list Defying Gravity as being “On Air.” That may be debatable. Last night’s 8th episode was billed by ABC as the season finale, even though five more episodes are in the can. Is that ABC’s way of saying it’s canceled without actually canceling it, or could the show finish out midseason (if & when other stuff gets canceled)? I don’t think anyone knows for sure yet.

    It’s co-produced by networks in Canada, UK, and Germany. If they continue to air it, maybe all 13 eps will make it to iTunes or Hulu. Another decent sci-fi show potentially scuttled, but I hope not.

    Anyway, Brothers & Sisters is my only Sunday show, and I’m continually tempted to drop it but somehow keep coming back for more.

  • Linda B.

    Will be watching Dexter live (that’s a no-brainer) and DVRing Desperate Housewives. May give Bored to Death a go.

    Even though I was a HUGE fan of Moonlight, Three Rivers doesn’t look all that good, so i probably won’t check that out.