Monday’s This Fall: Watch, PVR, Pass!


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  • Ace

    I still haven’t watched the Heroes finale from last season, so I’m betting I’m finally done with it. So I’ll be watching HIMYM and House and DVRing Gossip Girl and Castle. I really wish they hadn’t moved BBT :(. I guess I’ll have to catch that one on-line…

  • bws

    Because I can’t help myself, I’m still watching Heroes. And Gossip Girl! But I’m really just in the same room when that’s on as I’m mostly facebookin’ at the same time. Not REALLY watching it. But yep, that’s it. Looks like we’re rather different this time, Ace.

  • Ace

    bws — I’m a sucker for Zachary Quinto…so I might get pulled in again (esp since that hour is light–I’d still have a 1/2 hour after HIMYM). And don’t lie, you’re pretending to Facebook while trying to answer the great Gossip Girl questions. How does a girl in the Bronx afford designer clothing and how does she not bump into everything with those bangs? Who hasn’t Nate hookedup with and why is Vanessa even on the show anymore now that they are caput?? How does Chuck manage to wear a purple suit and yet be the womanizer of the show??? Can Dan get any more lame or Serena’s clothes any tighter???? When will Leighton Meester realize that she is actually a pretty good actress and could probably do better?????

  • michael

    Lie to Me and House are in the wrong time slots…House airs at 8:00pm and Lie to Me at 9:00pm.

    It’s a shame CBS split up Big Bang and HIMYM – that was a good hour of comedy.

  • michael,
    thanks for the correction

    I too will subject myself to the HEROES season premiere and if history is any indication, will most likely regret it immediately thereafter.

  • bws

    See, that should be a new category. Watching while facebooking. There are four ways I watch TV: 1) DVR’d a few days later, show cannot be a “watercooler” show 2) watching while facebooking, not paying THAT close attention 3) watching intently 4) watching while a little buzzed to calm my excitement to a manageable level so I don’t black out from my obsession, and yes, LOST is the only show in this category.

    As for your GG questions, I don’t know why Vanessa is still on. I actually thought she was going to have a 4 episode arc from Dan’s past and then vanish quietly into the night. I’m stunned by this. But she is from Wisconsin so I’m going to give her a pass.

    Hey, Leighton Meester was nominated for a VMA! That’s bigger right! Right? Hello?

  • Ugh! My Monday’s are jam packed, almost as bad as Thursdays! DVRs will be working overtime I guess!

    My Monday Line Up:

    House – 8:00 PM – FOX – Premiering: September 21, 2009
    Heroes – 8:00 PM – NBC – Premiering: September 21, 2009
    Intervention – 9:00 PM – A&E – Finale: September 14, 2009
    Lie to Me – 9:00 PM – FOX – Premiering: September 28, 2009
    Trauma – 9:00 PM – NBC – Premiering: September 28, 2009
    Hoarders – 10:00 PM – A&E – Finale: September 28, 2009
    Castle – 10:00 PM – ABC – Premiering: September 21, 2009
    CSI: Miami – 10:00 PM – CBS – Premiering: September 21, 2009
    Durham County – 10:00 PM – ION – On Air

    24 – 9:00 PM – FOX – CURRENTLY OFF AIR (Mid-Season)
    Day One – 9:00 PM – NBC – CURRENTLY OFF AIR (Mid-Season)
    The Closer – 9:00 PM – TNT – CURRENTLY OFF AIR (Summer/Winter)
    Obsessed – 10:00 PM – A&E – CURRENTLY OFF AIR
    Swamp Loggers – 10:00 PM – DISC – CURRENTLY OFF AIR
    AxMen – 10:00 PM – HIST – CURRENTLY OFF AIR
    Raising The Bar – 10:00 PM – TNT – CURRENTLY OFF AIR (Summer/Winter)

  • Ace

    Michael — You just made my day. I thought they were flip-flopped. This makes watching House and Gossip Girl while breaking up with Heroes much easier :).

  • Josh Emerson

    Watch: Heroes, The Big Bang Theory
    DVR: How I Met Your Mother, Accidentally on Purpose
    Possibly check out to see if it has improved: One Tree Hill

    Obviously I like HIMYM much better than Heroes. But my dad is still a Heroes fan and so I watch it with him.

  • I don’t have a TV, so I rely on Hulu and Fancast to feed my addiction. That said, I hope to keep up with the following shows:

    Dollhouse, Lie to Me, Bones, The Office, Big Bang, How I Met Your Mother, Flash Forward, The Middle, Sanctuary, Cold Case, Dexter, Legend of the Seeker, Castle, 30 Rock, Eastwick, V, Psych, and Community.

    I haven’t seen Supernatural. I have to find season 1 to check out first.