Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Quotes From Last Night’s GOSSIP GIRL

gossip girl quotes

“I know what you did this summer… and who!” — Blair to Serena
“Oh my God, Dan Humphrey’s been seduced by wealth! It had to happen. Even Frodo eventually gave in to the power of the ring.” — Vanessa
“I’m good at secret relationships. I’ve had a bit of practice.” — Nate

“I’m sure Blair and Chuck will be there if the murder/suicide I predicted hasn’t happened yet.” — Vanessa
“We could never be boring.” — Chuck to Blair

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  • Jess

    awwww…. Chuck & Blair “we could never be boring” love them. And Vanessa had some great one liners this episode. Okay and does Scott Know who his Bio mommy&daddy are?

  • My favorite was the “Frodo and the ring” quote.

    Jess – Scott knows about Rufus and Lily. They think he’s dead.