Morning Static: TV News That Makes Us Sad

Last night’s debut of THE JAY LENO SHOW, which by all accounts was simply THE TONIGHT SHOW an hour and a half earlier was seen by 17.7 million viewers. God help us all! [The Live Feed]

Patrick Swayze has lost his battle with pancreatic cancer, dying at the far too young age of 57. [AP]

Reminding us that Maura Tierney really isn’t coming back to NBC’s PARENTHOOD comes the news that MAD ABOUT YOU’s Helen Hunt is in talks to replace her. [THR]

Kate Gosselin is looking to develop a VIEW-like morning show with television cooking queen Paula Deen. [E! Online]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Kathryn Joosten has lung cancer. [People]

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  • Tim

    That is just sad. I did NOT watch Jay Leno and I’m shocked that 17.7 million ppl did. When has NBC got those ratings at that hour? lol As for Kathryn Joosten, I wish her the best. RIP Patrick Swayze.

  • RIP Patrick Swayze

    Nooooooooooooooooo to the rating that Leno got… that is not good. Now NBC will tell everyone how much of a huge success this move was, well they would have no matter what considering the promotion they have spent on this and how much they have riding on it. But really?! Here to to openly hoping that the ratings fall, and fast. Seriously nothing against Jay… just am against the 10 o’clock bs.

    Finally, STILL sad about Maura Tierney. 🙁

  • Nick

    We shouldn’t really be surprised at Leno’s numbers. So many people just can’t stay up to begin watching at 11:30…so this is “their” Tonight Show. It’s also a comfortable, familiar format for viewers, esp. those who vegetate in front of mindless reality shows.

    I say again, when NBC announced this programming decision, my immediate reaction was…”genius move.” Not that I like it.

  • ewanspotter

    Why is everyone so shocked by the Leno ratings? I mean, there’s NOTHING ELSE ON at this point in time.

  • Jess

    ur right ewaspotter just wait till CBS/ABC get their stuff on. HOWEVER Sons of Anarchy is on tonight and its amazing. FX give it a shot.

  • What? I love Teirney and I didn’t know she had cancer. I’m a bad fan.

    Leno’s success is frustrating. I used to watch him now and then because there was nothing on after 11, but there definitely are shows on at 10pm and now other networks might consider copycatting NBC and bumping out one more prime time slot. 10pm is an important time slot for slightly more mature shows (Dollhouse!). TV is going to suck if networks drop 10pm from their tv series slots.