Matthew Morrison, the TV Addict, Kevin McHale, Amber Riley and Chris Colfer

If there was one downside to attending last night’s FOX Fall Eco-Casino Launch Party (see above photo of your very own TV Addict ‘gleeking’ out with a few familiar faces!) it was that I missed out on some fairly important premieres. Which is why yet again I’m turning it over to you — my far smarter and better looking readers — to put your critics hat on and post away with your thoughts on last night’s premieres of GOSSIP GIRL, ONE TREE HILL and THE JAY LENO SHOW.

  • I’m sooooooo jealous of you right now. I have a hug crush on a certain fellow you’re standing next to (Matthew Morrison).

  • bws

    I found Gossip Girl to be a rather boring premier. The whole Serena trying to find her dad plot looks like a big zero so far. And I’m so sick and tired of Vanessa. Did she have dreadlocks? Dan is rich now. He’s going to change. Go away and deal with it on your own time.

    Leno was appallingly bad as predicted. I can’t fault him for knowing how to make insane amounts of money but seriously… that’s just not funny. But asking Kanye what his dead mother would have thought about his outburst at the VMAs did provide some spectacular uncomfortableness. I watched it because of the firsties nature of the show but will never tune in again.

  • Dave

    Tree Hill was a let down looks like the season will be very boring. What happened to Quins husband? Why is Dan a self help speaker? Nathan being accused of cheating? Nathans agents problem with love and sending flowers? Seems like very boring plot for this season.

  • Dave

    Couldn’t find an edit. But I refuse to watch the Leno show. I hate NBC’s idea of taking away time from scripted tv. Even if NBC hasn’t been very good with that aspect lately.

  • Jae

    I have always liked Jay Leno and will continue to like him, but he must step up his show or he will not make it. This is just simply a repeat of the Tonight Show, an hour earlier… He does exactly the same things he did on it. We are all looking for a new look to his show, not the same ol’ same ol’.

  • Allison

    bws – I’m right with you on Vanessa. Why they felt a need to have her roll up to a classy polo match looking like a dreadlocked Aztec princess is beyond me. And though the Scott storyline looks really interesting, I’m disappointed that he has to get tied in as a love interest for V…I guess they have to do something to keep her character relevant. Would have been better if Jenny had fallen for him.

    As for the rest of them, it was a decent season opener, tied up most of the loose ends. I liked seeing Serena in the press, and I actually think the Dad storyline is good for her character. Rich Dan is more exciting, and the Blair/Chuck role-playing stuff has potential. There were too many new characters, but Joanna Garcia was so great (used to love her in Reba), I forgave her for being new and irrelevant. Overall, I’m excited for the third season, but I hope they continue to focus on the characters that we know and love, and not randoms like Carter Baizen.

  • delaina nicholas

    i thought one tree hill started out kinda boaring but looks like it will be a good season. i didnt know how this season would be without lucas and peyton but i really didnt miss them thier story was getting old… brooke and julian are soooooo cute together!!!! cant wait to see what happens!!

  • pippa

    i think one tree hills premiere tonight was far more entertaining than gossip girl!
    Personally i think gossip girl was quite a let down! i was expecting much more from this seasons premiere! it was quite boring.
    im a hardcore blaire/chuck fan but seriously? those games they’re playing are lame!!!! and serena…please… get lost!!!
    on the other hand, i loved one tree hill tonight! i really enjoyed watching it!!
    this season feels like a breathe of fresh air!! the ending was abit disturbing. i hope everything will get back to normal!
    anyway, to my conclusion, i was quite disappointed with gossip girl but actually quite please with one tree hill.

  • Jess

    BWS i agree i was disappointed by the lack luster premiere as well. Although Sebastian Stan is hot and I’m happy to have him on my TV again. I don’t really care about Serena’s daddy issues. I still love Chuck/Blair so that was good. But V really is annoying like get over it already her hating on dan is coming across more as jealous than her desire for him to be true to himself. and i find him more interesting now that he can’t quite sit on his high horse quite so well and how cool is that he and chuck are step-siblings love it.

  • Alyssa

    I was a little disappointed with Gossip Girl because it focused too much on Dan and his issues with being rich. I mean, obviously it’s going to change him.

    As for One Tree Hill, I think they should have done something with the Lucas/Peyton storyline. I mean, just because the actors left the show, doesn’t mean you should just leave their fans hanging.

    Jay Leno…yeah, I’ll never watch him. Not my style.

  • makila

    I enjoyed the jay leno show, the worse part was jerry seinfield though. I think it nice to have a choice of being able to tune in to something thats not a overplayed soap opera or a bad reality show. Until networks decide to give the good scripted shows a chance I think jay leno is a good alternative.

  • gossip girl- have never warched will never watch it
    one tree hill – never watched it will never watch it
    jay leno – ruined the tonight show so why not kill a hour of prime time too

  • Josh Emerson

    OTH – I quit watching early last season because of how much it sucked. This premiere was alright. They still have too many ridiculous storylines, but it wasn’t that bad. I like the relationship between Brooke and Julian, and the addition of Nathan’s agent to the cast.

    I also watched Leno. There were some funny parts, but I felt like they copied his Tonight Show formula too much.

  • Common Sense

    Two things:

    1) One Tree Hill….what actually “happened,” besides the last-minute reveal that Nathan is gonna be blackmailed? Seriously. What HAPPENED that we should care about? Give me a crazy nanny any day.

    2) Why do people hate on Vanessa? I love her! She’s the hottest girl on the show, first of all (much hotter than Blair), and her storylines don’t suck. I’m very interested to see how the Scott plot plays out.

  • Ace

    Ok, so I finally watched GG last night and I have to agree with those that were a little disappointed. Haven’t we gone to the well of seeing Serena go crazy and get followed by photogs just a few times already? At least she brought Sebastin Stan back with her.

    The Chuck/Blair games were ridiculous. I can’t imagine Blair actually standing for that. I also agree that Vanessa was extremely annoying. Dan was actually behaving pretty well. Instead of talking down to his father for accepting the money he was actually being adult about it. I And as much as I love Joanna Garcia, her character was pretty boring :(. Hopefully they’ll step it up next week.