Morning Static: John Krasinski, Michael Urie, Jay Leno & More!

Good News: THE JAY LENO SHOW saw a 34% decline in viewership its second night out. Bad News: 12 million viewers still to go. [THR]

Good News: According to the Hollywood Reporter, multi-camera comedies are primed for a comeback. Bad News: Starting with ABC’s HANK and FOX’s BROTHERS [THR]

Good News: Now you too can sleep in the same bed as THE OFFICE star John Krasinski! Bad News: Assuming of course you’ve got a spare 1.245 million dollars lying around to purchase his West Hollywood home that was recently put on the market. [BlockShopper]

Good News: UGLY BETTY’s Michael Urie and Becki Newton are back with another season of their hilarious web-only series MODE AFTER DARK. Bad News: Web only does not a spin-off make. Seriously ABC President Stephen McPherson, we’re waiting. [EW]

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  • Josh Emerson

    I watched Leno again last night. I know, I know! But Michael Moore was on so I couldn’t miss it.

    HIMYM and Big Bang Theory prove that multi-camera comedies never died. They just have to be, you know, actually good.

  • Liz

    Leno ratings still make sense. First night is bound to be seen. Everyone wants to see what’s what. After that naturally ratings will drop. And just wait until next week, with all the new and returning shows, I predict ratings will drop again.

  • Liz, I hope that you are right!

  • TVFan

    Liz is definitely right. When CBS shows return next week it’s over for Leno.

  • MIA

    CBS shows are good, but there is some others channel besides CBS…
    ABC has a fantastic line-up, FOX isnt bad as well, NBC needs to maintains the few shows that still work!