Separated at Birth: Jasmine Guy and Paula Abdul


Courtesy of today’s news that has A DIFFERENT WORLD alum Jasmine Guy dropping by THE VAMPIRE DIARIES in an upcoming episode to reveal to granddaughter Bonnie (Katerina Graham) that she actually descends from a long line of witches comes our latest separated at birth: Jasmine Guy and Paula Abdul. Discuss.

  • Amelia

    jasmine is much better looking on dead like me… this is a bad picture 🙁

  • showtime

    Paula looks way younger than her and they are the same age! But I don’t appreciate Paula’s side cleavage/almost wardrobe malfunction in this picture.:S It’s always nice to see Jasmine Guy on screen though

  • VD is really trying to pull me in. Well done.

  • Nick

    Paula is about to become “separated from her dress.”

    Overall, this is one of the better comparisons.

  • TVFan

    Jasmine also has a little Michael Jackson going no there