We Interrogate FRINGE Star Lance Reddick

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Similar to that of his small screen alter ego, FRINGE star Lance Reddick is a man of few words and not surprisingly, fewer answers. What are FBI Agent Phillip Broyles true intentions this season? Where do his loyalties lie? And what’s it like on the other side? Well, these are just a few of the questions Reddick does his best to elude in this exclusive one-on-one with the TV Addict at this weekend’s FOX Fall Press Junket.

Is this the season we finally learn where Agent Broyles loyalties lie?
Lance Reddick: I’m not sure, but I can tell you episode six is basically a ‘Broyles episode,’ where we’ll find out more about his backstory, his relationship with his ex-wife and his relationship with Fringe Division prior to the current team.

Will a closer look at Broyles backstory include some flashbacks that might flesh out the character’s motives?
You’re not the first person to ask me that question. No flashbacks, but you’ll definitely learn more about Broyles and why he has an ex-wife.

Has Agent Broyles had the pleasure of meeting his other dimensional counterpart yet?
Not yet, but I believe that Olivia already met him when she experienced her deja vu last season.

Has Agent Broyles met WIlliam Bell thus far?
He hasn’t. In fact, I don’t know if my character has ever met him. But I think I’d be more surprised if he hadn’t seeing as though Broyles is fairly high up in the food chain.

How will the second season of FRINGE differ from the first?
Like the latter half of last season which really kicked the series into high gear, the second season of FRINGE will continue to move away from the stock procedural world, focusing much more on the continuing mythology and the intense character development. It’s really exciting, as the stakes continue to escalate.

Programming Note: The shocking second season premiere of FRINGE airs Thursday September 17 on FOX at 9PM. And be sure to drop by theTVaddict.com Friday morning for Reddick’s take on his character’s development.

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  • Ace

    Lance is an amazing actor and it had really paid off b/c he has been on three awesome shows (The Wire, LOST and Fringe). Lucky guy! Thanks for trying to pull info out of him :). I really feel like The Wire was ignored a lot by the awards shows, but hopefully Fringe will be luckier.