Exclusive Interview: THE BIG BANG THEORY Star Jim Parsons on his Emmy Chances

jim parsons sheldon the big bang theory

“Flabbergasted,” is how Jim Parsons summed up his reaction to his 2009 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series.

Our theory: Parsons clearly has yet to actually watch THE BIG BANG THEORY. How else to explain his “God No!” response when this TV Addict casually suggested he might wish to consider jotting down a few thank-you’s.

“It’s hard to accept that I’m actually going to go to the Emmys, let alone nominated,” explained Parsons in a recent one-on-one with the TV Addict. “It’s something I’ve watched on TV for so long and now to be attending… I know that I have to wear a tux and that’s really about as far as my brain has gone!”

Something else the actor has trouble wrapping his head around is what can fans expect when everybody’s favorite theoretical physicist returns this Monday September 21 at 9:30PM on CBS (‘A’ Channel in Canada)

“They don’t tell me anything,” he admits. “But I think any changes Sheldon will go through will be very slow.”

In other-words, fans hoping for a Penny/Sheldon meeting of the err… minds, might have to wait a while. A very long while.

“The obvious thing that I would love to see at some point is some sort of relationship, even a friendship that calls some emotion to the forefront.” says Parsons. “I don’t think it will happen this year.”

Lucky for Parsons, we’re pretty okay with seven or eight more seasons of THE BIG BANG THEORY.

  • Jae

    WOW The Big Bang Theory is beyond a doubt the funniest show ever!!! I like One and A Half Men as well, but this has it beat hands down…. Who would have ever thought this bunch of guys and one girl next door, Penny could bring so much laughter to us. We need laughter as there is to much serious stuff going on in our world we really need to laugh as hard and long as possble…. Hooray for The Big Bang Theory, hope they last forever!!!!!

  • TVFan

    I’m rooting for both Jim to win an Emmy and Sheldon/Penny

  • “The Big Bang Theory” is my favorite show on TV and I love Jim Parsons as Sheldon. I hope he does get to take the Emmy home. He’s wonderful. Making a character who has so many annoying quirks lovable is a testament to his acting ability. He brings humanity to what could be a robotic character if not played well. I know people who are similar to Sheldon and they are lovable. It’s nice to see a portrayal that is so spot on.

    I also hope that “The Big Bang Theory” wins the writing Emmys for which itwas nominated. Or, maybe that has already happened. I’m not quite up on what was decided about giving out the writing awards.

    Anyway, I’ll be in my chair watching tomorrow night with fingers crossed for Jim.