Oh No They Didn’t! Lance Reddick and Blair Brown Discuss Last Night’s FRINGE Shocker


Since shape-shifters and serial killers are practically par for the course in the wonderfully wacky world of FRINGE, it should probably come as no surprise that scribes J.J. Abrams and Akiva Goldmsan found an entirely different way to shock us during last night’s second season premiere of FRINGE: Meet Nina Sharp cougar!

Yes, last night’s episode may have given fans plenty to talk about, including the return of Olivia from over there (“I went somewhere … He told me something … I don’t know, but there’s something I have to do. I think that our lives may depend on it.”) and a new and improved Peter (Telling Broyles, “We’re done reacting. We’re not gonna be ‘too late’ anymore. After all, somebody’s gotta save their asses, right?”). But the biggest surprise was reserved for the unexpected kiss between two of the show’s most mysterious and elusive characters: Blair Brown’s Nina Sharpe and Lance Reddick’s FBI agent Phillip Broyles.

“When it showed up in the premiere it shocked me,” admitted Reddick in a recent interview with theTVaddict.com. “That said, I really felt that Nina and Broyles has had a relationship previously and it was something that I had talked to the writers about in passing on a number of occasions.”

“The beauty about acting in FRINGE is that even though there is so much going on, there’s lots of room for actors to act and what you need do do is act the possibilities” concurred Brown. “Last season Lance [Reddick] and I would sit around and wonder who these people are to each other because we get a lot of good stuff that sort of indicated that we’d known each other for a long time. Stuff like Nina spotting Broyles when he was starting out in the FBI and mentoring him, so we both were kind of like ‘Yes, there was something else there’.”

“Of course the beauty of FRINGE is when will ‘the kiss’ be dealt with again and what repercussions does it have? We don’t know.”

Luckily for Brown, guessing about what happens next on FRINGE is half the fun.

  • Ace

    Lance Reddick’s characters have a thing for redheads, don’t they? 😛

    Such a great premiere. I’m not sure how I feel about adding a new agent at this point. I feel like we have Olivia to be the strong female who is questioning everything. And I really liked her dynamic with Charlie. But it seems like maybe Broyles is going to step into the confidant spot for Olivia.

  • blueberry


    I don’t know. I think the new girl might have something on going– she was looking through Fringe’s files and cataloging it based on passages from the Bible. So she might have this weird backstory going.

    Loved the premiered. Fringe has really grown into itself. It was iffy in the middle of last season (too formulaic), but now this whole mythology approach is awesome.

  • Ace,
    While the new agent Amy didn’t serve that much of a purpose outside of asking the ‘for dummies’ questions that allow new fans to catch up with the series I’m sure she has a purpose, and knowing FRINGE, possibly an evil one.

    Perhaps she’s from the other side? Who knows!

  • Silly

    Loved the premiere
    My favorite part is that kirk Acevedo said a couple of months ago he will be fired ,,.. and he literally was fired lol

  • TVFan

    Loved the kiss, definitely didn’t see that coming. But I’m worried for poor Charlie Francis. How long until the team discovers the truth?

  • Ace

    blueberry/TVa — I thought about that too, but it seems like Olivia frequently asks the “dumb” questions. And being a big JJ Abrams fan, I’m sure he has a purpose, so I’ll sit back and wait. I will miss Charlie though once everyone figures it out. What does JJ have against characters named Charlie??

  • Tiera

    Why Charlie? I really like him and now he’s gone and an evil dude has his face. What is this world coming too? : ( But all in all another incredibly intense episode.

  • Poor Charlie. I loved his story to Olivia about his first time being shot. I knew as soon as he found the nurse and they cut away that Charlie was done for. I’ll miss him. And what will it do to Olivia that all the men in her life seem to be double agents or lying to her (except Peter 🙂 )