EMMY Live Blog 2009

7:58PM: Who’se excited for the endless barrage of CBS promos?

8:03PM: It only took 3 minutes for the first shot at Paula Abdul’s expense. Kanye, you’re next…

8:06PM: Neil Patrick Harris says his job is to keep things running smoothly, “Here’s hoping Kanye West likes 30 ROCK.” Zing!

8:09PM: Disproportionate amount of CBS shows in the ‘Comedy Year in Review’ montage. TWO AND A HALF MEN still not funny.

8:11PM: First shocker of the night, Kristin Chenoweth wins for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy. “I’m unemployed now so I’d like to be on MAD MEN, THE OFFICE and 24” Yeah we couldn’t love Chenoweth anymore. “Thank you so much tot he academy for recognizing a show that’s no longer on the air.” FYI: You can see Chenoweth on an upcoming episode of GLEE.

8:20PM: Good News: The cast of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER presents the award for outstanding writing in a comedy series. Bad News: HIMYM wasn’t nominated. 30 ROCK writer Matt Hubbard wins an Emmy for “Reunion.”

8:26PM: Amy Poehler was right, an EMMY can be bought. Jon Cryer wins for ‘Outstanding’ Supporting Actor in a Comedy. #FML

8:30PM: Seriously. Jon Cryer… where’s Kanye when you need him?

8:36PM: Sarah Silverman wins our vote for funniest loser reaction. Tina Fey wins for most believable fake applause and Toni Collette just wins for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy.

8:41PM: GOSSIP GIRL’s Blake Lively (looking awesome) and Leighton Meester (wearing towels from what we believe is the 2010 Bed Bath & Beyond Collection) arrive on stage to re-present awards that Tina Fey and Justin Timberlake already won last week. THE OFFICE’s Jeffrey Blitz wins an Emmy for Best Direction of a Comedy

8:48PM: It’s official: Rob Lowe doesn’t age… and it turns out doesn’t know how to pick roles, choosing the lead in the short-lived DR. VEGAS over what we presume to be the McDreamy role in GREY’S ANATOMY. Alec Baldwin wins a much deserved Best Actor in a Comedy Emmy for 30 ROCK and jokes, “I’d trade this to look like him [Rob Lowe]” As for THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Jim Parsons, there’s always next year (or when Alec Baldwin retires.)

8:53PM: The FAMILY GUY interstitial would have been waaaaay funnier had it not been online for a month now. We’re just sayin’

8:58PM: The only thing that can make the “Reality Segment’ more irksome is the presenting duo of Jon Cryer and Hayden Panettiere. That said, Emmy winner Jeff Probst (for Outstanding Reality TV host) gets serious points with me for his Emmy winning shout-out, “Neil Patrick Harris this is how you host the Emmys.” Amen brother.

9:06PM: Yay or Nay… Tracy Morgan is highly medicated? The team from THE AMAZING RACE does not race up to the stage to accept yet another Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition Program.

9:08PM: According to the Emmy ticker, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Patricia Arquette are presenting in 8 minutes… Schedule your bathroom breaks accordingly.

9:13PM: The classy and beautiful Shohreh Aghdashloo wins an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie. While the equally classy and slightly less beautiful Ken Howard wins for Grey Gardens.

9:22PM: Brendan Gleeson wins an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie for INTO THE STORM, delivering and elegant speech that yet again proves how much smarter people with accents sound.

9:26PM: People from LITTLE DORRIT win stuff.

9:31PM: “Like the Ottoman Empire, the Music Industry and Zima, we’re here to stay.” Captain Hammer on the sad state of the television industry during a hilarious DR. HORRIBLE interstitial. By the way, that noise you just heard were 10 million television viewers scratching there head and saying “What’s a Dr. Horrible?”

9:34PM: Jessica Lange wins an Emmy for Best Actress in a Miniseries and Movie for GREY GARDENS. Her plastic surgeon, not so much.

9:44PM: GREY GARDENS wins an Emmy for Best Television Movie. LITTLE DORRIT wins for Best Television Miniseries. Allison Janney look-a-like Anne Pivcevic accepts the award.

9:48PM: Jim Parsons proves that he really is acting like a super huge nerd on THE BIG BANG THEORY by completely botching his lines while presenting the Best Directing Variety, Music or Comedy Series Emmy to Bruce Gowers for AMERICAN IDOL.

9:55PM: THE DAILY SHOW may have won for Best Writing in a Variety/Comedy Show, but THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH CONAN O’BRIEN LATE NITE WITH CONAN O’BRIEN gets my vote for funniest nominating package.

10:02PM: An Original Music and Lyrics Emmy goes to the 81st Annual Academy Awards. Meanwhile on the Emmy ticker… it’s 11 minutes to the death montage.

10:08PM: Yet again, Ricky Gervais nails his audition as future Emmy/Oscar/Grammy/Golden Globe etc… THE DAILY SHOW wins a much deserved Emmy for Best Comedy/Variety Show.

10:18PM: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fans will have to settle for a five second clip in the “Year in Drama” montage. Who needs an Emmy really?

10:20PM: Emmy Shockers: Almost making up for Neil Patrick Harris’ Emmy loss is Michael Emerson who wins a Best Supporting Actor Nod for his incredible work on LOST. While Cherry Jones wins for 24.

10:29PM: Oops, the In Memoriam forgot GUIDING LIGHT. And on a more serious note, @chiefisgreat gets extra credit for correctly pointing out that CBS didn’t include Billy Mays.

10:37PM: [A very pompous] Matthew Weiner and Kater Gordon begin what we suspect will be a string of MAD MEN wins, picking up Outstanding Writing in a Drama for MAD MEN.

10:41PM: Glenn Close walks away with a Outstanding Actress in a Drama for DAMAGES. So much for the MAD MEN streak. Sorry Elisabeth Moss.

10:49PM: Bryan Cranston wins a second consecutive Outstanding Actor in a Drama Emmy for his work in BREAKING BAD. So yeah, I probably should start watching his show.

10:52PM: As expected, 30 ROCK wins an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. Tina Fey thanks the proverbial powers that be for keeping the show on the air even though it’s so much more expensive than a talk show. Hear! Hear!

11:01PM: MAD MEN wins for Outstanding Drama Series. Neil Patrick Harris wins for Outstanding Emmy Host.

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  • Michael

    So thrilled that Pushing Dasies was already recognized. The show is the true definition of a hidden gem and I will forever cherish the wonderfully quirky dvd sets sitting on my shelf. Congratulations Kristin, you completely and utterly deserve the praise.

  • Ace

    SO excited for Olive Snook :). You could tell that she was genuinely shocked to win. So cute.

  • luke

    That was a definite shocker. I’m just hoping there isn’t a shocker when it comes to the best supporting actor category.

  • danny

    WOW I was soooooooo happy when kristin won!!! (not only becuase I bet on it lol)

  • Ace

    WHAT?????? NPH should just walk out now.

  • Ace

    It was kind of ironic that they were talking about an award that could be bought and then some crappy CBS show wins…

  • luke

    I just threw up. Emmy voters are idiots….

  • danny

    and now I’m just pissed!! WTF!?

  • Amy D

    I don’t know wether to cry or throw up at Jon Cryer’s win.

  • Josh Emerson

    W.T.F. This is insane. I cannot believe Cryer won. It makes zero sense.

    With Chenoweth winning, I was hoping it was a sign of good things to come! Love that Pushing Daisies got recognized.

  • Ace

    Where is Kanye when we need him??

  • Ace

    Whoops…hadn’t refreshed. Great minds think alike I guess :-P.

  • Ace,
    That is hilarious πŸ™‚

  • Josh Emerson

    WOW, Tina Fey lost. That is just as shocking to me as Cryer winning. I can’t say I dislike Toni Collette on that show though.

  • Ace

    So, are any of these actually going to the people we thought they were?

  • sweety

    TWO AND A HALF MEN is great.Cryer deserved the Emmy

  • Michael

    Alright, if anyone was going to win instead of Tina I soooooo… wanted Christina to win but Toni took it. Blurgh!

  • Michael

    P.S. Toni Collette, love you, but I think it was Juno and not United States of Tara that put Diablo Cody on the map.

  • Iriel

    Please! Jon Cryer?? That award had to be for Neil… Or at least Kevin!

  • Ace

    I was hoping that Jim Parsons would win, but Alec was really funny last season.

  • sweety

    who do you think should win best actor in a drama series?

  • Amy D

    How did anyone beat out Tina Fey…That’s ridic.

  • sweety,
    Think: Jon Hamm. Should: Hugh Laurie

  • Michael

    I wonder who will win best Actress & Actor in a REALITY series. L.C. defs deserves it. P.S. this is a joke πŸ˜‰

  • Ace

    They should just rename it the Amazing Race category. Top Chef should have taken it this year for Fabio alone.

  • Ace

    TVa — My husband JUST said “That guy is clearly high.”

  • sweety

    Hugh Laurie should definitely win

  • Johnny

    I think this is the first time I’ve actually seen Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedwick together

  • Ariel

    Just tuned in… better late than never… anyway noticed they panned back on the audience and there were tons of empty seats… what’s the deal with that? no seat fillers? no shows?

  • Ace

    OMG! Dr. Horrible sketch FTW! And getting Nathan Fillion in on the action is awesome.

  • Amy D

    Love seeing the Big Bang Theory cast!
    Could Jim Parsons be any more adorable? πŸ™‚

  • Johnny

    Aren’t you on at 10? Classic

  • Ace

    Ok, I have got to go to bed (boo!) you guys are going to have to keep your fingers crossed for Michael Emerson for me!

  • Johnny

    Funniest Emmys ever

  • Agreed Johnny!

  • John

    I would like to point this out: During that Drama Category clip package, they showed scenes from Criminal Minds, NCIS and CSI (which have no Emmy noms tonight), yet no clips from Mad Men, Damages, Dexter, Breaking Bad, etc. CBS sucks.

  • luke

    With only three awards left, is it possible this award show won’t run over? That’s the most shocking event of the night.

  • Luke,

    Don’t jinx it! Even though tonight’s show thanks to the awesomeness of NPH has flown by.

  • John

    So after a shocking night with Chenoweth, Collette, Emerson and Jones, they end the night with four repeat winners from last year. Lame.

  • Josh Emerson

    I had my fingers crossed for a HIMYM upset win. Oh well. 30 Rock is my favorite show anyway.

  • AJ

    the WORST part of the emmys??? the tape delay on the west coast!!!!! I get that they want to have it air during prime time, but we don’t get to vote on any of the “live” parts of any of the shows!!! πŸ™

    the second worst??? I only have basic cable so I haven’t even seen half of the shows that were nominated.

    WHO picked the clips??? I could have DEFINITELY picked better clips (for the shows that I’ve seen). although, I DID like the “circus” background music during the clips!!!

    I think they should have a limit of how many times you are allowed to be allowed to win (especially in a row). I love amazing race, but let someone ELSE win for once!!!

  • Hil

    I feel so happy for Michael Emerson. He took what was to be a small role and ran with it. I can’t wait to see next season!

  • I am frustrated and disgusted with the awards for not giving THE
    COLBERT REPORT the recognition it deserves. Stephen Colbert has
    done so much in the past year that no other comedian has done. He
    went to Iraq and did a week of shows from there, and even got a G.I.
    haircut! His “nation” (fans) came forward when NASA needed a name
    for part of its spacecraft–and their votes topped votes for any other
    name. He manages to interview people and call attention to matters
    many of us would not know about otherwise. And I haven’t brought up
    his #1 book and his Christmas show. C’mon now–what’s it going to
    take? Their failure to include Stephen Colbert makes me suspicious of
    all the other awards as well.

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