First Look: Jamie-Lynn Sigler Replaces [UGLY] Betty

jamie-lynn sigler ugly betty

As first reported by Michael Ausiello, starting October 16 “SOPRANOS star Jamie-Lynn Sigler is joining the cast of UGLY BETTY in the recurring role of Natalie, Daniel’s sexy, spiritual, funny, new assistant.” And here with your first look at Sigler is More photos of which can be found after the jump.

jamie-lynn sigler ugly betty

jamie-lynn sigler ugly betty

jamie-lynn sigler ugly betty

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  • interesting. Does that mean less of her on Entourage? Not necessarily a bad thing. And maybe Daniel dating an off-beat character might lead to him eventually dating Betty.

  • j

    yeah, remember sunday’s episode of entourage? i guess she’ll be taking that acting job in new zeland!

  • J,
    You’d think Jamie-Lynn could have tipped off the gang from ENTOURAGE in time for them to dub over her line so that she’s working in NYC with BETTY. Would have been cool to break actual news on a fictional TV show.

  • Due to no new True Blood or anything else on HBO Sunday, I forgot to tape Entourage and I was out Sunday. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  • Will she be a better Betty? Daniel will miss Betty…I know it! lol

  • Chrisfest

    When I saw this new character, Natalie, on Ugly Betty interact with Daniel – I was thinking she looked like a dark (haircolor/skin) version of Daniel’s dead wife. I even thought it WAS (the same actress that played) his dead wife – in a dark wig – done on purpose to cause Daniel to at the least relate to her as easily as he did.