Our 2009 Emmy Winners & Losers

Not only did the legendary performer cement his reputation as the best host in the biz by making good on his promise to deliver a highly entertaining and well-paced award show, he managed to get that pesky (read: obligatory) Kanye West joke out of the way within the show’s first five minutes. “It’s my job to make sure things run smoothly. So let’s hope that Kanye West likes 30 ROCK.” [See Opening Video]

Literally. For losing a much-deserved Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Emmy to the far less funny Jon Cryer (TWO AND A HALF MEN). Begging the question, where is Kanye when you need him?

Who in presenting an Emmy for Outstanding Variety/Comedy Series once again nailed his audition for any future hosting gig with a side-splitting riff on how in a roomful of television stars like Steve Carell, he’s probably considered handsome. Or at the very least, above-average.

Who are most likely still scratching their heads and wondering “What’s a Dr. Horrible?” following the brilliant… buffering… Joss Whedon interstitial that livened up the night’s only horrible portion: LITTLE DORRIT’s sweep in categories nobody really cares about. [See Video]

For winning the genetic lottery. Seriously, the man does not age. Or as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy winner Alec Baldwin joked upon accepting his award, “I’d trade this to look like him.” So say we all.

Proof that look aren’t everything came Lowe’s revelation that he was the one who turned down the McDreamy role in GREY’S ANATOMY for a lead in the short-lived CBS procedural DR. VEGAS. Paging better career advice, stat!

For thinking different with his inventive and enlightening commentary as winners walked up to the podium. ”This is, apparently, the first time a musical number has been written for a Wolverine,” exclaimed THE DAILY SHOW correspondent as writers picked up an award for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for the 81st Annual Academy Awards.

Who we’re sorry to report, just lost her crown of ‘Hollywood’s Most Sultry Female Voice’ to Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries/Movie to winner Shohreh Aghdashloo.

For her half-joking thank you to NBC upon accepting the award for Outstanding Comedy Emmy on behalf of 30 ROCK, ”Thank you for keeping us on the air, even though we are so much more expensive than a talk show.”

Who in walking away with an Outstanding Drama Emmy for MAD MEN came across as somewhat pompous and arrogant, proclaiming “I may be the only person in the room with complete creative freedom. That’s why the show is so good.”

Who seemed genuinely shocked to be accepting an Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Emmy for her work in PUSHING DAISIES. Divvying up her very unrehearsed acceptance speech (we love those!) to thank the Academy “For recognizing me for a show that’s no longer on the air,” and find herself a new gig, ““I’m unemployed now so I’d like to be on MAD MEN, THE OFFICE and 24? [See Video]


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  • luke

    I didn’t find Matthew Weiner arrogant at all. I thought he was just trying to be funny. If he really doesn’t have any input from the network on how to run the show, then he’s definitely the only show runner that I’ve ever herd of that has that kind of power.

    I agree with everything else you said about the show 🙂

  • TVFan

    I found Weiner somewhat arrogant, but deservedly so. Mad Men is brilliant.

  • I also liked the commentary by John Hodgman (one of very few good things about the ceremony). But, I didn’t like how he sounded like he was in a sound booth, which probably means only the home viewers, not the live audience, could hear him.

    I wish they had cranked his audio into the auditorium so we could see the crowd’s reactions to the jokes. In the past, when the commentary has been serious, it always sounded echoey, like the audience could hear it too.

  • Luke,

    If Weiner was trying to be funny, it definitely went over my head. And if he wasn’t, he was flat out wrong. See: Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Chuck Lorre and many more who we’re fairly certain have earned the right (for better or worse) to write their shows as they see fit.

  • bws

    The only change I’ve ever heard ABC made to LOST is saying that the statue on the beach should have 4 toes instead of 6. Because 6 is weird. Damon and Carlton didn’t care. They just said it can’t have 5.

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  • Winner: FRINGE.

    If Anna Torv’s cleavage won’t get more people to watch, I don’t know what will.

  • Calila

    I actually found Tina Fey’s “Well that was a nail-biter” comment upon winning Best Comedy way more arrogant than anything Matthew Weiner said.

  • Calila,
    I did find that off-putting but figured that since Fey has always been a class act, wasn’t sure if she was being serious.

    Tim G.
    If there were awards for comment of the week, well you’d be just about tied with John from the above post!

  • Ace

    Tim G. — I’m pretty sure Anna and Blake Lively were having some sort of cleavage battle.

  • NPH did an awesome job, but was totally robbed of his Emmy. I could not agree more!

    I love how he played on it for the remainder of the show, especially asking him to show the envelope. I dunno, just found it incredibly amusing!

  • Crystal

    YES Neil should have won. I can’t stand two and a half men and can’t see how they get awards. Such a cliche and boring sitcom.